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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My great-grandfather was a member of the remnant. His daughter only saw her father who allowed her stepmother to abuse her terribly. She fought against his assertion but everyone else believed him. He was my Dutch grandfather. I could never figure out how my grandmother was not his wife.

    I just heard the arguments back and forth. He lived to almost 100 years of age. I believed him. My kid's mind could not get around his being in heaven. I was particularly concerned about bathroom happenings. Since he was heaven, he could see me. I felt these pangs of modesty. There was no one I could discuss them with to gain an explanation. Whenever I changed my clothes, I worried he could see me.

    Likewise, the convention speaker would declare Jehovah is here. I would like all right and spied the ventilation system to figure out where exactly was here. Memories of Moses had me afraid to stare at any one space. They truly need youth groups.

    Thanks for the information.

  • Hoffnung

    Years before I really woke up, I already researched the issue and found the WT teaching incorrect. The last WT article about this subject is such a mess, that just showed that even the society itself cannot come up with valid arguments, the best it can do is confuse everybody. The matter is so easy to grasp, it is a clear command of Jesus to do something, there exist no single verse that states that a certain group should not do it, and John 6 makes it a-life-important thing. As I did not like the idea of shocking everybody at the KH by starting to partake, I do a private mini-memorial on my own every year where I eat the bread and drink the wine.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I partake several times a week sometimes. When I first left the Witnesses, I was so confused about people partaking of the Eucharist. I decided over a period of time that I wanted to be one of them. It is anathema to deny communion in my denomination. I am just as worthy as anyone else. I practically passed out the first time.

    These teachings of the Witnesses appear very piece-meal. They lack cohesion. The remnant was rah-rah until some "great crowds" came into power at Bethel. Fundamentally, all this revolves around whether a person can makes judgments. My judgmentas may well be flawed but I've never seen anything among the Witnesses to indicate they can do a better job for all people on this planet.

    The more education I've received and the more experiences in the world I have, I realize I can at most have a very small core of knowledge. The enormity of what I don't known and can't know washes over me, a contrast to my high school days.

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