How many of your elders & servants are "Preachers Who Are Not Believers?"

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    My service time has slipped in a huge way over the last 6 months. I have no desire to exaggerate my time on my monthly report to my Service Overseer. I find it funny that I have had single digit hours for the last 6 months, and probably only go out 1.5 Saturdays per month, and my group overseer has never mentioned it to me. I can see why he wouldn't bother this time of year if I were just a regular publisher, but I am Service Group Assistant! I do not set a 'good example' (per WTS avg), and rarely meet with the group. Part of me hopes I get approached about my low service time, so that I can express my lack of desire, and perhaps be "deleted" as a Ministerial Servant. I hate the title, and feel like I can make a positive impact on the congregation without it.

    Field Service has become mostly a joke to me, and I wouldn't hesitiate to say it to any elder that probed me on the matter. They know it is true, and likely struggle to justify going out themselves.

    Funny story:

    I tried to go out last Saturday, mostly because of my wife. The weather sucked, and the roads were still covered in snow. We went anyway to my group overseer's house. None of the other members of the group showed up (SURPRISE!). He opened the door in jeans and a t-shirt, and said: "I really didn't think anyone would be out today." Now, he should have called everyone in the group to actually tell them that service was cancelled. But, the funny thing is, our support is so low, he really didn't need to.

    I would say that my service activity is low more because I feel it is a waste of time than it is because I don't agree with some of the WTS teachings.

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