Attended meeting last night

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  • Scott77
    What is happening to these people is morally wrong. They don't deserve to be lied to or manipulated. And no one should be going to spread things that aren't true and bring others under a yoke of slavery as well. I had to leave.

    I liked that part above. However, I wish you focus on helping your wife to gradually comes out of the WTS, considering her being 'under a yoke of slavery'. Besty on this site may be able to help you if possible. His and wife are out. You need to focus on her doubts, areas of weakness. you never know. Good luck


  • WTWizard

    So I won't blast you to shreds. I will instead blast the Jehovah's Witless religion to shreds, for forcing people to endure this sxxx because one believes in the cancer and the other doesn't.

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