The 2nd Coming has already been proved to be a mistake

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  • Terry

    While the whole world of Christianity waits and longs for the 2nd advent of Jesus because it will bring their reward...

    Jehovah's Witness already had theirs! They simply declared that "Jesus is back!"

    1914 was the date assigned.

    True, Jesus was invisible.

    True, Armageddon didn't come.

    True, the world went on spinning as before.

    But, 1914 was date certain and remains so.

    Instead, Jehovah's Witnesses starting treating Armageddon the same way mainstream Christianity treats the 2nd coming.

    It's coming any minute!

    Who is in worse shape, then, Christianity or Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Scripture declared with breathless certainty that Jesus would come quickly.

    The same generation that pierced him would see his return.

    (Christendom's "generation" problem!)

    Jehovah's Witnesses have an installed King Jesus with 97 years already on the throne with nothing to show for it either.

    (Millions now living will never die problem)

    Isn't the 2000 plus years between Jesus resurrection and the non-event of his 2nd coming enough refutation for mainstream Christianity?

    Isn't the 97 years of non-event Jesus on the throne and no Armageddon enough refutation for JW's?

    Can both go on simply REINTERPRETING EVENTS to buy time?

    What would a REASONABLE person conclude?

    When is enough ever enough before this hard-headed belief is allowed to be declared a horrible MISTAKE???

    How is it going to be falsified more than it already has?

    Is there any honesty to be had here? An honest person admits they are wrong and moves on. But, a person who will not admit mistakes is in the grip of irrational belief. There is no cure for that.

    Reality refutes belief at some point---but, the individual has to acknowledge it has happened in order to heal and move on.

    Where is that point in your life?

    Are you going to stand on the corner waiting for the bus that was never actually scheduled to arrive? All because you read it in an old book?

    Are you sane?

  • thetrueone

    Catch that bus to eternal Paradise or stay where you are in be killed where you stand sayth

    the writers of the Watchtower magazine.

    The WTS used the return of Christ as a viable marketable commodity, oddly enough nothing

    has really happened since his arrival in 1914., but I'm sure something will soon, invisibly as well too of course.

    Although a man made kingdom was developed in New York city , notably observed as a Incorporated Publishing House.

  • clarity

    T erry, would you be so kind as to give scriptures and perhaps expound a bit more on christendoms dilema? It would be appreciated, I know the W is a fraud but need to sort out this end of it! Thanks.


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  • bobld

    See Hebrew 9:26


  • designs

    Terry- There was some old Televangelist on last night, with the most odd hand gestures I've ever seen on someone, maybe some know his name and he was spouting about This is the Generation! to see the Return of Christ.

    Oh boy! someone finally got it right

  • cameo-d

    "Jesus" is not coming back to set up any kingdom here. First of all he said his kingdom was not of this world. Secondly, we are told in Revelation that "one LIKE (similar to) Jesus" will come at the last days of this system.

    The one who is LIKE Jesus will also have the characteristics of the Archangel Michael.

    You would need to know what these characteristics are in order to recognize them.

    Jesus said that Elijah came and the people knew him not. He meant that one who had the characteristics of Elijah and people did not discern. It will happen again in these last days that people will not discern the arrival. Everyone will have the opportunity to see it but not all will recognize it for what it is. When the alarm clock rings, many people hit the "sleep" button and roll over again.

  • Satanus

    Maybe, jesus simply changed his mind, and said to hell w it. Decided to stay home.


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  • elderelite

    Terry, you are wrong. Yes Jesus has been enthroned for 97 years, but he has a LOT to show for it! According to the society he has established the christian congregation, the foundation of the new world society, that is now some 7 million strong! that shows that indeed Jesus has been very active since his enthronment! Also he cleansed the heavens, confining Satan to the vacinity of the earth.. this is proved by the fact that the whole earth was engulfed in WW1 (which had nothing to do with secret treaties and the assisnation of an unpopular and relativly minor political figure)...

    He has also appointed a "faithful and discrete slave (class)" over all his earthly belongings. Both Jehovah and Jesus trust this slave, and SO SHOULD WE! we know they have appointed them.. cause they told us so!

    I also dont think you are taking the times we live in seriously enough... the steady rate of earthquakes and the worseing standard of living for the planet as a whole since 1874 1918 1932 1914 shows we are indeed living DEEP DEEP DEEP in the last days of this wicked old system

    Further as a united throng, JW's spend over a billion hours every year spreading the good news "for a witness to all nations", especially to in those areas that are already christian...

    The head of the congregation, Jesus, has also, through his faithful and discrete slave class, has VERY busy changing his mind about what he said in many key places in the bible, as well as changing his mind on things that he never bothered to comment on while he was here the first time. For example, he had to clarify for the slave when his arival actually happened... the salve got a little jumpy and expected him in 1874 but that turned out to be a misunderstanding on their part (jesus didn't actually RSVP for that one).. then they (the slave) got the wires crossed about when he actually was going to blow the place up for real.. most recently that little 1975 thing.. but that wasn't even the Slaves fault really, that was just some lackluster sheep who decided to run ahead of the organization and get all worked up into a tizzy all on their own.. but of course Jesus was too busy worrying about blood transfusions and oral sex to straiten out his sheep on that one....

    in any event Terry, I hope i have straitend out any misconceptions you may have had and that now you clearly see just what Jesus has been doing and you will now quitely get back in line and stop rabble rousing. I'll save a seat for you at the meeting

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