Has the wtbts threatened this site?

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  • man in black
    man in black

    I have read postings once in a while talking about how the jw org. told this site to take certain posts, or files down otherwise they would press charges.

    have they really done this, or is what I read just a rumor ?

  • nugget

    The organisation is very prone to seek legal recourse if it feels that private material is being used by apostates.

    Funnily enough it is happy to take private communications between members of sites such as these and use them to pursue members. I am shocked by their duplicity.

  • darthfader

    JW Duplicity = Spiritual Warfare


  • possible-san
  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Well, any info in the public record, like those pedophile/child molestor court records, will ALWAYS be fair game.

  • AudeSapere

    In Simon's story(My Life and How JWD Came to Be), he tells about being called into a JC and being asked to take it down.

    I will look for the link and quote in a few minutes.

  • straightshooter

    The WTS is very active in upholding their copyrights. They speak about freedom of speech, but at the same time prohibit its spread unless they have complete control.

  • AudeSapere

    OK. Found what I was looking for on this thread:


    And from that thread, here is the quote I referred to earlier:

    They went over several things. I knew I wasn't going to convince them to change their mind so had nothing to lose. I could g odown guns blazing. I kicked large holes in several doctrines and told things like they were, everytime they swiftly switched onto something else. I told them how angry I was about missing so much time with my father only to see the bullshit they had written on their website about ex-members not being shunned and not breaking family ties. The newbie wannabe elder made a glib comment that if it offended me, I should just not read it.
    I showed then quotes from their own literature to back up everything I said which they just dismissed. Finally, they got onto what really mattered to them ... my website.
    It was clear that this was *the* biggest factor in the whole affair. They wanted to know if I'd be willing to take it down and hinted that this whole affair could probably be forgotten about if I did. They wanted to know how many people visited the site. I leaned forward in my chair and said "about 16,000 a week" (it's gone up a bit since then!) and then added "that's more than you get at a district convention once a year isn't it?". I really like that 'seething elder look'.
    The newbie one made one of his rare interruptions saying that they didn't like some of the things that were on the site (I bet!) so I got in his face and repeated his own words back to him from earlier: "well if it offends you, simply don't read it then".

    He wasn't threated with legal action. He was threatened with Disfellowshipping. In context, the above conversation took place during the hearing to Appeal his Disfellowshipping that happened because he refused to meet with the elders at the KH for 'a chat'.

    Maybe not quite what the OP was looking and asking for, but, asided from Quotes' website, it's what comes to mind.


  • AudeSapere

    On a separate-but-related incident, here is link to Quotes' profile:


    On the page linked above is a link to the thread where he details the suit filed against him by the Watchtower Society.


  • wiser

    How can they restrict freedom of speech?

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