do single jw live ascetic?

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  • varian

    it´s often not imaginable for me, to think that single jws live a life of abstinence. i mean at the end of the day we are all humans with desires and wishes. most singles are not trained to be like monks from tibet or stuff.

    so what´s the secret behind it? prayer maybe?

  • sd-7

    Well, many single JWs struggle with masturbation, I would expect. If they don't, maybe they stay so busy with spiritual routine that they're too tired to even think about that sort of thing. I would guess that many fall somewhere between these two extremes. Uh...or some might even live a double life, who knows?

    For me, I struggled with masturbation and strong feelings of loneliness and hoping to find a wife. I didn't find anyone who seemed interested except the one person everyone thought was wrong for me. But anyone who they thought was 'right' for me either ignored me or looked at me like I'd grown a second head when I asked for their phone number.

    In print, the Society does not encourage an ascetic lifestyle, but at the same time, they expect single ones to minimize time spent in entertainment, education, or work and maximize time spent studying, attending meetings, and going out in field service, apart from reaching out for great responsibilities if you're male. So...single JWs probably don't live an ascetic lifestyle unless they're very spiritual-minded.


  • Lore

    Some people just have weaker sex drives than others.

    I am an atheist and have no religious reasons not to have sex. But I'm celibate simply because I don't have much of a sex drive at ALL.

    So it's not unimaginable to me for people to be celibate when under the threat of divine wrath, shunning and death. Since I'm celibate without those worries.

    Maybe you are just at the other end of the bell curve and it's a lot harder for you to abstain than for most other people. And it's only hard for you to imagine because you think everyone else has urges as powerful as your own.

  • wasblind

    " so what´s the secret behind it? "

    A double life. facebook can tell you that

  • Soldier77
    so what´s the secret behind it? prayer maybe?

    Find a worldy girl/guy and have fun. Theocratic Warfare Tactics™ - do not give information that the person doesn't need to know. They don't have any right to know either, it's none of their damn business. Oh and that's not lying either. If they ask a specific question, use their own tactics on them, distract, divert and divide.

  • teel
    teel says:

    The consensus of those doing a statistical analysis of who masturbates is that around 90% of the total male population and 65% of the total female population masturbate from time to time.

    @Lore: yes, there are a few people that are like you, but generally I expect the majority of the JWs, especially in their late teens - early 20s do masturbate. Probably not 90% because of the big threats, but I am sure at least 70% do. They just keep it a secret, build up guilt, and try to do more service, so it's a win situation for the GB.

  • clarity

    Must be a hellish problem for the young people, after hunger and thirst it's an urge that must be paid attention to! lol It is there for a very compelling reason!

    I must say many sexual appetites of single JW's are tempered by Col 3:5 "Deaden your your body members bla bla", actually that scripture just beats them all to he$$! Of course when you deaden one part ... the rest of the body follows suit, maybe that's why so many are in a class of "the walking dead"

    Then along came ... AIDS.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I suspect that many of the Governing Body and their cronies in the upper echelons at Bethel suffer silently from cryptorchidism and have convinced themselves that this is normalcy.

  • james_woods
    I suspect that many of the Governing Body and their cronies in the upper echelons at Bethel suffer silently from cryptorchidism and have convinced themselves that this is normalcy.

    Freddy Franz - probably. Greenlees - certainly not.

  • varian

    thanks for all your comments.

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