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  • cyberjesus

    I would like to make my official request to have my account suspended for a week. Since I wont be able to post during the following week because I have many things to do I ask to please suspend my account.

    If my account is suspended it will prevent me from type any kind of comments.

    I must acknowledge that I might change my mind after 2 days and I will request a reversal of the suspension but I can not promise anything.

    Please please

    and good luck to you.

    Oh I have another reason, because I have nothing nice to say... so since I have nothing nice to say I would request the suspension until my circumstances change.


  • shamus100

    Please suspend mine immediately and permanently. But I may make one last sappy thread about it, weeping about how this gosh-darned world is just so unfair, and how I am owed all on the internet.

    I shall plant a tree for you, cyberjesus, and sing "sunrise, sunset" with a tear running down my face. ;D

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    It'd be funny if Simon was bored and decided to have some fun.... lol....

  • AGuest

    Hmmmmm... got a "monkey on your back", dear CJ (peace to you and no pun intended, at least with regard to any resident monkeys!)? LOLOLOL! Maybe Simon will create a "rehab room" for folks like you - LOLOLOL!

    Have you considered unplugging your computer? I mean, sometimes it takes some "tough love," dear one. Or maybe you just have to hit rock bottom - LOLOLOL!

    However it turns out, peace to you... and hope you can "maintain" and "stay on the wagon" during your time off!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who meant no offense to any monkeys... tree-planting, face-ripping, or otherwise (and peace to such ones, as well!)...

  • cyberjesus

    had one on my front but... ah never mind :-) So when do I get suspended? I need to know so I can go officially

  • OnTheWayOut

    I'd say I would miss you, but you will just come back and tell me why you left again. So, SEE YA.

  • Scully

    Sorry, we don't accommodate requests to suspend accounts. We expect adults to behave like adults and if they don't wish to post, or visit the site, then they won't.

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