Jehovah's Witnesses Take Pride In Being Ignorant

by minimus 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The Watchtower is a scientific publication, and reading it - together with all the other WTS literature - will give a person the equivalent of a university degree:

    - Well, the equivalent of one certain university degree, anyway.

    i.e. A Bachelor of Stupidity, from the University of Bulolo (Frog Hollow Campus).

    This I have been assured by the university's chancellor, the Reverend Harley Davidson!


  • VM44

    Reading the Awake and Watchtower magazines gives the equivalent of a college education?

    I want to know about Mathematics of Nuclear Reactor Design...what issues of the Awake covered that subject?

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    They really do admire stupidity.

    An elder once said to my husband "it seems that you rely on worldly wisdom".

    that is pathetic people bragging about their ignorance and accusing others of knowing things that didn't come out of the jw literature.

  • minimus

    OOMPA---good to see ya!

    AMAZING, Jim, you bring up a GREAT point. Look at the fact that the Society PAYS for people to become lawyers. They utilize doctors and professional people YET they tell the rank & file THEY CANNOT go to "higher education".

  • undercover

    I hope you've got facts to back all that up, min...

    undercover - of the 'likes to stir shit up' class

  • minimus

    Amazing said it.

  • aquagirl

    I was told,while growing up,mired in the borg,"dont bother learning any of "mans ways",because god will teach us all new stuff after language,new alphabet,everything.' Thats why many of my peers dropped out of school,cause of the impending 1975 "end of this system of things".Hell,I was even told that we would ride around on,no shit here,BIG BIRDS and FISH!!!! There were paintings of this at the hall that someone had rendered.They used to scare me,kids on a manta ray or hawk,but now,Id look at it with amusement.

  • rocketman

    I often noticed a kind of distrust of people who made educated comments and who asked questions and ventured outside the realm of what was expressly printed in the publications.

  • minimus

    This generation of Witnesses are mixed. Some were allowed to seek higher education (as long as Pioneering was a goal) in the 1980s. So you might have a few that are college educated.

    the remainder of JWs are so dumbed down, it ain't funny.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I'm a lawyer. Once you graduate law school, you need to take the bar exam. Once you pass the bar exam ( a huge feat in NY), you have to submit evidence of good character and fitness. If you pass that ordeal, you are actually admitted. As I stood to be sworn in, my mind was focused on the fact that as a Witness I could never stand and swear an oath fo defend the constitution of the U.S. and the constitution of NY with my very life. Being a lawyer is being an instrument of the state. You are an officer of the court with obligations.

    Also, woe to you scribes (lawyers) and Pharisees!

    I am outraged. When I was in high school, I prepared for a court fight against my Witness father to stay in high school. Law requires factual detail and "hard questions." It completely boggles my mind. I always assumed male converts were the lawyers. Also, historically, the lawyers come to prominence and threaten the powers to be. Moyle and Covington. I don't know if Covington was disfellowshiped. My father was his drinking buddy at Bethel. He was greatly admired as a person --and drinking pal. Yet the mere rumors that he was d'f'd were enough for my father to walk right past him without acknowledging him.

    Maybe the times, they are a' changing" Come Senators and Congressmen ......

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