Governing Body photo

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  • besty

    Does anyone with Phostoshop skillz care to amend this photo to make it more accurate? 25% of these dudes are dead already....

  • Joliette

    LOL wish I knew how to do it. That is true, 25% of them are dead. And the others that our left arent really young, the oldest ones are in their 70's. Looks like some GB's might be biting the dust pretty soon. The oldest one is Guy Pierce, right?

  • darthfader

    I swear this is an original picture -- no "Photoshop" was used. Stuff this true cannot be faked...

  • foodalls

    Anyone who has done "Deep Research" will come up with the FACT that MOST if not All these members are of the order of "Jesuits" and are under the control of the "Vatican" because to own a "Corporation" one MUST register with the "Mother" of ALL corporations to have a corporation!(Read the Publishers in front pages of ALL the org's publications..its says right after WTBTS...INC. ... a abreviate for Corporation)

    Once you form a large CORP..the first thing the Jesuits do is "Infitrate" the new corps all the way to the TOP of it so as to control it to do THEIR wishes! No small wonder thats they have ALL the same problems the Vatican is having folks??? They just do a better job of hiding them from their "Sheeple" so not to "Awaken" them towhat they really are.

    Te REAL reason WHY there is soo many "Cut-Backs" in the because of all the "Out-of-Court" law suits they are Quietly trying settle for 100's of millions of dollars!

    And WHO got them to register with the UN as a NGO ( Non-Governmental-Organization)...The Vatican again....UNDERSTAND, What this along is saying about them???


    If you need more proof, contact me at: [email protected]

  • stuckinamovement

    Foodalls, Why don't you post the proof for everyone here on JWN instead of having them email you??


  • james_woods

    I think I am going to go have a look at some of Foodall's past posts...

    stand by, Minimus...

  • undercover

    If you need more proof, contact me at:
    [email protected]

    Sorry, that's a typo... it should read: [email protected]

  • therevealer
  • therevealer

    Why do they, each one of them, have that kinda goofey look to them. If you were shown this picture without an explanation I just don't think your thoughts would gravitate to "these are truly intelligent looking men, I wonder what corporation they run". More like "man am I glad that re-union does not include me".

    Anyone who has done "Deep Research" will come up with the FACT that MOST if not All these members are of the order of "Jesuits".....Foodalls

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

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