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  • truthlover

    Good research Gayle, and thanks fokyc for the Feb info

  • alanv

    Gayle You are certainly correct about 2009 regular pioneers figure. As you say it is 638.

    I'm wondering if the Feb 2011 KM figure is a misprint and should in fact be 654 This would make the 12% figure make more sense.

    To be fair to the society, they don't often get their figures wrong, but maybe this time they did. I really can't see them fiddling these figures on purpose.

  • alanv

    Thanks Fokyc for the scans. I did pm you but this is in case you had not seen my message

  • Bangalore

    Thanks Fokyc.


  • factfinder

    Thank you Fokyc!!!!!

    @Gayle- here are some figures for Ireland from the 2010 report-

    pk pubs:5,833 . ave pubs 5721. last years ave was 5713 . % of increase is 0%.

    ave aux pos:201 ave reg pioners is 639

    baptisms-140 congs=115 hours-1,170,378 bible studies=2,989 mem att=11,060

  • Gayle

    thanks, factfinder!! At least, Ireland's peak pubs.- down, avg. aux. pio.- down, total hours - down,,mem. att. - down

    With them closing the branch down recently, this would seem to have further decreasing of morale there in the future also.

  • factfinder

    Gayle- you are welcome! I did not compare the figures for Ireland with last year but it looks like they are not doing too well there. And yes, Ireland is not listed with the branch addresses on the last page of the yb.

    There wasn't much increase for europe this year:

    2009 publishers-1,563,910 bs=819,067

    2010 publishers-1,575,094 bs=830,888

  • nugget

    that saved me hours of my life. Yippee

  • alanv

    Interestingly Irelands average publishers for 2008 were 5485

    2009 were 5713

    This was a 4% increase and yet this last year (2010) there was no increase at all. Yippee

    Let's hope they close some more branches.

  • wobble

    I noticed in the announcements bit that they are going to be offering the "Was life created" brochure in May. I know it has been mentioned on here, and there were a number of really good exposes of the sister "Origins" brochure, its disgusting misquotes etc.

    What we need now is a good critique of the one they will offer, so we can embarrass the dubs who are going to push this in May.

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