That's what Satan wants you to think..........

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  • maninthemiddle
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    What I find hilarious is that the Borg writers find the party in that picture objectionable somehow, when aside from the office decor and people giving gifts to one another, IT LOOKS LIKE A TYPICAL JW GATHERING.

  • Girlie

    LOL @ Mad Sweeney. I know I attended a number of questionable J-Dub gatherings.

    The writers assume that "worldly" folks can't operate on pure enjoyment alone. Must be drugs or alcohol present at these functions. Talk about a whack religion.

  • sd-7

    For the record, the light on the 'Mr. Axe' guy wearing the green, talking to the girl? It's coming from the window above him, looks like kind of a slither of sunlight. By the way, where'd the SOCIETY get all those CHRISTMAS decorations from? They had to stage this scene, remember? So who bought all that stuff? Shows you what they have license to do--but what the regular JW would be DF'd for doing.

    Also, maybe the one guy who's drunk is just an idiot, as evidenced by the facial expression of Mr. Red Shirt. There's always one idiot in the bunch who has too much to drink. JWs do this and as long as no one reports it, they can get away with it.

    Lastly, partying, feasting, and drinking are things that mankind has been doing for a very long time. These things in themselves, being done on a particular day, cannot be classified as evil by definition. But it's a 'guilt by association' the Society is trying to create here. Giving gifts is not wrong. Partying, feasting and drinking [to a reasonable degree] are not wrong. Jesus partied, feasted, and drank himself, did he not? And the Pharisees didn't like it.

    Now if these people were bowing down to the trees and praying for Nimrod to return and give them gifts, THEN I'd be a little worried.


  • VoidEater

    OMG - people acting like people...

  • PSacramento

    Dogs and cats living together !!!

    Total anarchy !!!!!

  • maninthemiddle

    I think it is the goatee on Mr green shirt that is the cause of all the debauchery in the room.

  • ProdigalSon

    God forbid that people should smile, hug one another, drink, be merry, and just enjoy the fabulous gift of life. That's what God put us here for. But no, the only type of behavior Jehovah approves of is constant trepidation that you just might get caught not slaving away for him for a few friggin' minutes and being miserably depressed because you're stuck in Satan's rotten system and life just isn't enjoyable without a worldwide Pharisee government running the show.

    What an utter lunatic cult.

  • sabastious
    Dogs and cats living together !!!

    Mass hysteria!


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