Australian Convention Pioneer family Experience - We found our vegetables in the gutter..why do they wanna be Martyrs?

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  • pontoon

    Totally agree Sue. If Jeh were providing he would do much better than food from the gutter. Unless maybe the angel he assigned to provide was slacking, maybe he needs to be talked to. Like how about a pizza hut garbage pie and Coke delivered to their house by mistake. Should be workable, we're talking supernatural here.

  • therevealer

    I often chuckle about these experiences, not that they aren't or can't be true. Rather it is humorous how they don't realize how sad this makes the org. look. The congregation surely could see the need and provide enough to keep these ones from needing food from the gutter. They often use the excuse of not helping out in the community because of the higher benefit of providing the good news of the kingdom. But they do try to say that they look after their own. Ya right.

  • doofdaddy

    I was gobsmacked when a district overseer didn't think a part I was doing sounded miraculous enough, so I was told to embelish the details. In other words, after that experience, I realised that those stories at meetings, conventions are (as above) myths, legends and outright lies.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Notice that oftentimes, these "we did not know where the next meal was coming from" - and by extension "aren't we superior" types are in fact the next ones to give the whole JW thing away:

    (i.e. in JW-speak, go "out of the truth.")

    Sooner rather than later, they discover that they cannot continue forever to keep up the pretence!


  • Scully

    Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing.
    George Bernard Shaw

    That is why JWs love the appearance of self-sacrifice: it allows them to justify judging others who don't sacrifice as much as they do, and it gives them a sense of entitlement that these other "lesser" beings owe them something for their acts of self-sacrifice, whether it's an invitation to dinner, a round of applause at the convention after they've shared their Experience™, or a few dollars slipped under the table to help them along financially.


    "We found our Vegetables in the Gutter"..

    "Now they Run the WBT$"..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • WTWizard

    First, this story doesn't integrate with all the stories where the witlesses find money and return it. Unless the vegetables were damaged and unsellable because of the road mishap, taking them would amount to stealing. In the US, if you find $20 or more and do not return it or attempt to return it to its proper owner, you are stealing.

    Now, how in hell do vegetables fall in a gutter? I thought gutters, at least in the US, were those things along the roof that catch rainwater so it doesn't ruin the foundation and give people a bath when they enter or exit homes. How in hell are vegetables going to end up flying into the gutters, and then be found there? Even ground level gutters are not going to attract vegetables if the truck is properly enclosed. Usually, if the driver has a mishap, the vegetables will stay on the truck. There will be a big mess when they are unloaded, and they could be squashed. But they will remain on the truck.

    Besides, how are they to rely on these accidents all the time? Even if they got their food that time, what about the next time? Drivers do not want accidents, because they lose money (and the vehicles could also be damaged, not to mention someone getting hurt), so they are not going to regularly spill food into the streets for witlesses to pilfer. And, usually if the vegetables spill out (or bread), they are ruined. For sure, no one can make a living picking up food from the street that is dropped by trucks.

    For sure, no one can make a living picking up food from the street that is dropped by trucks.....WTWizard

    It happens all the time in Watchtower World..

    One time a JW family needed Dental Work done for the Entire Family..

    A truck drove by filled with Dentists..One fell off the truck,landed in the ditch..


    The Jehovah`s Witness family found him..

    That Dentist fixed all the Teeth in that JW family and then became a Jehovah`s Witness!..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • meangirl

    I hated hearing experiences like that. Even when I "believed" they made me cringe and I would always think Jehovah did give us brains. Use your damn brain and get a freakin job to get money to eat. Freakin loosers! I really hated hearing the experiences of sisters who were married to an abusive husband (unbelieving of course cuz JW husbands are never abusive) ha who beat the crap out of her everyday, burned her clothes, burned her books, threatened her with the kids and because she took it like a stupid doormat he is now a baptized witness after 40 years of abuse. Woo Hoo!!! I literally wanted to scream at the top of my lungs on those.....

  • cameo-d

    Let this be a lesson to JWs. It would be wise to move where there are blind intersections or near a hole or dip in the road. This way, you can just wait for traffic. You never know what might fall off a truck.

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