An Elder That Helped Me

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  • yknot

    During 1979-1980 I had elders regularly tell us kids that Jesus was our mediator, bible had more weight then the WTs.....

    Beyond that I think most Elders when you get them out of that footsoldier mindset share the same concerns, fears, frustrations and desires as most of us here.........

  • peacefulpete

    When I applied for MTS I was alone with the DO and CO and a local Elder for about an hour. The conversation was all about what changes they anticipated or felt were needed in the WT teachings. I wanted to join in but fear of reprisals kept me quite. IOW, its who you are and who you know.

  • donnye

    Unfortunately not. An elder rang me up after me being AWOL for about 6 months, and asked me if I was going to come back. I replied "well the thing is, I have some issues with the truth that I need to get my head round". His response? "ok then, bye". I was actually rather hurt that he didn't want to give me any assistance in order to see me back at the meetings. He obviously thought I wasn't worth it.

    A month later another elder came round, because his wife had told him that he had missed my telephone call. I was miffed he had come round without his wife or anyone else, but needed to speak to him, so left the door wide open. When he sat down I said "I know I have not been at the meetings for 7 months but I have some issues with the truth that I need to get my head round". His response? "well I haven't come round to speak about that". He then started going on about the problems he was having in the bedroom department with his wife. At this point I showed him the door, and made it clear that I won't be asking for his help again.

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