Did You Believe That The World Adored JW's?

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  • mentallyfree31

    Ziddina - I sure wish I had seen that side at an early age. Maybe I would have awakened sooner.. I was completely in the bubble for most of the 26 years.

    Outlaw - LOL, very true. It changes with every talk.


  • Farkel

    :Did you feel the same way as a JW?

    :I realize now that by using "Information Control", they fed us a very unbalanced stream of information, and this isn't true. As a non-jw for the last year, I find that there are plenty of negative perceptions floating around too.

    Asked and answered.


  • satinka

    I felt very much like a "hated bird"as I had very few friends. Our family was very weird.

    Maybe I still am a little ummmm...weird...


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    There are countless JW jokes on TV and in print. Countless. In fact, they seem to be escalating.

    It is the bothering people at home when other modes of communication that are not so intrusive are available.

    We are a joke. I don't feel JWs are deeply hated (except by ex-JWs). JWs are viewed as ineffectual lunatics. People who bother you when all you want to do is eat your pancakes. Hatred might be a better sign of respect. Respected JWs are not.

    People were very annoyed when I knocked on the door at age eleven with my quote about Revelation some chapter. Mainstream Protestants felt superior. Roman Catholics seemed dazed -- it was pre Vatican II.

    The JW jokes are legendary. It reminds me after 9/11 when we were through mourning. Business had to start. Letterman and SNL had to produce shows. The govt explained that we needed laughter and that the best way to rob terrorists of their power is to laugh at them.

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