Awake magazine 1973 The Dangers of playing Chess!! Why it's Evil.

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  • Erreve

    Hi, folks!

    You may check, please, my information, but after 1973, the Watchtower has published another article changing its view point on chess game. I can not put the specific number here because I do not have access to the english editions of the Watchtower publications, only the portuguese editions, but I am quite sure of that.

    Of course, this does not change the fact that once they have condemned.

  • hamsterbait

    What about wrestling with you siblings?

    We did this. Does it mean any pressure against another is wrong?

    Wrestling was great fun for me as youngster. Girls found it ridiculous or revolting, but its a BOY THING.

    Unfortunately the elderly ladies on the Gibbering Buddy dont know what it is to be a normal boy. (in Beth Hell too long)

    Just sit and sip tea like all the other dust farting reptiles.


  • carla

    When mine first joined the cult and we were fighting like cats and dogs, I made the mistake of bringing up the chess thing. He quit playing chess with the kids and I didn't know the game. I really wanted the younger one to learn because research showed that chess improved math skills. The older one didn't have the patience to show me how to play, already could beat dad a lot of the time. So the wt brought an end to one more quality time thing with the kids. He had quit so many things it was just one more thing. Besides, he was gone so much it wasn't missed too much. That was when they still had 2 meetings a week, his personal 'study' night, Sat fs, and what? about 4 hours gone for Sunday meeting. That left us with Mon and Friday and by then we were all to pissed off at him to give him the time of day on the days he graced us with his presence. This from a family that spent most nights together, after dinner (at the table) games, books read at bedtime, ha, he even allowed his girls to do his hair! then the wt came into our lives and changed EVERYTHING. what a shame.

    wow, re-reading this- hmm, kind of heavy for a thread about chess but it's the truth. One little game can bring up such emotions and loss.

  • GLTirebiter

    It's no coincidence that this article appeared in 1973, when US interest in chess was growing after Bobby Fischer won the FIDE world championship. They had to counteract his role model, leading kids to spend so many hours studying and playing chess. Good Witness children should have been warning of the impending tribulation just two years away, not pursuing worldly competitions!

  • shepherd

    It was frowned upon, and later they decided it was a conscience matter...but even after that I remember a would-be ministerial servant being advised that he should not have his set in public view in his house because it may stumble some.....

    So pathetic.


    Ironic...seeings how we are all just pawns in this organisation anyway.

  • mentallyfree31

    No wonder I turned "apostate". I was the second place Chess champion at my high school. Evidenty, I was under the influence of Satan, aka Beelzebub.



  • Cynisister

    Hmmm....I wonder what those ancient little Israelite boys would play when their dads were off fulfilling their military duty for the king??? Would they possibly have dared to play....WAR???

  • Farkel

    :Chess has been a game of war since it originated...a play substitute for the art of war....a danger of stirring up competition with one another even developing hostility towards another, something the bible warns Christians to avoid doing..

    This article I remember well. It has every indication of Freddie's imprint on it.

    What Freddie failed to mention was WHERE the Bible forbids Christians from stirring up competition with one another. There are lots of Chess games that DO NOT cause ones to develop "hostility" with each other, but ALL Chess games "Stir up competition" with one another. What game is worth a shit without having any competition, anyway? War is the penultimate competition and the ancient Israelites were ALWAYS doing that. The WTS advocates "spiritual" warfare and THAT is also the ultimate idealogical competition. The Watchtower Printing Corporation are liars and hypocrites for condemning a board game where two people move around little pieces of wood.


    Where in the Bible does it say there should never be any competition with each other? And if there IS a Bible citation for that, how in the hell would anything in science or civilization evolve without any competition? No competition, no advances. It's that simple.


  • ziddina
    "Chess has been a game of war since it originated...a play substitute for the art of war....a danger of stirring up competition with one another even developing hostility towards another, ..."


    By that line of logic, playing "Monopoly" would be forbidden - er, "unChristian" - because it encouraged materialism; "Operation" would be "unChristian" because it might stumble a JW into taking a blood transfusion - or going on to college to become a doctor; "Twister" would be forbidden because it leads to - er, "intimate contact" between the sexes; "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots" would be forbidden because they DIRECTLY encourage violence....

    "Pick-up-Stix" would be "unChristian" because it might encourage JWs to attend Texas A&M and participate in building an extremely unstable bonfire structure that could collapse and kill all those silly worldly people who went on to obtain a higher education...

    On the other hand, games like jump-rope and hopscotch would be encouraged because they would teach JW children to ask, "How high?" when ordered to "JUMP" by the Watchtower Society... And to make things even better, those two games are aimed primarily at "wimmin" - girls - which will help keep them in their place...


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