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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Hi Still Wondering,

    As I was browsing that Watchtower I noted another interesting thought just a paragraph before.

    I am going to have handed to every one of you 15,000 children one of these books as a gracious gift. I ask that you first study it faithfully. Ask someone else to sit with you under the shade of a tree and study that which leads to life and endless blessings .... It is your privilege between now and before the day school opens to spend six hours a day in taking the book Children to others." The parents should encourage their children to do this very thing, if they would have them live.

    That St. Louis convention, From Aug. 6-10 left a bit of free time for those children when they finally left that metropolis for home. However, if those children thought they could finally have a bit of play time left after those 5 days of drudgery -- sand-lot baseball, fishing, monopoly, relaxing -- they needed to promptly forget those silly and meaningless worldly activities. Thanks to their dynamic leader Rutherford, they had some 100 hours or more of witnesses work to do before school would begin once again. Not to forget those several "months before Armageddon" would suddenly conclude things.

    Hey, in the fifties through the seventies, we thought a 10-hour per month quota was plenty. Six a day makes ten a month look like nothing.

    Then, how about the guilt trip on the parents, "The parents should encourage their children to do this very thing, if they would have them live."


  • still wondering
    still wondering


    yes I glanced through this issue and found so many idiotic statements that I just had to share them. The one you mentioned I had posted earlier,

    You make a good point comparing this veiled demand of jw kids with the publisher goal of 10 hours a month.

  • still wondering
    still wondering

    "So they made it their business to excel at BIG prophecy, like any day now,

    “THE WHOLE WORLD WILL DIE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    except us of course."

    Just to clarify who "us" are, this is WTS product distributors.

    Sorry, should have mentioned this.

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