No Tape Recorders at Elder Schools? WTS Hanging Elders Out to Dry

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  • baltar447

    daringhart13, now if recordings WERE allowed, can you imagine if that little tidbit got out?

  • daringhart13


    I was shocked enough that I looked around the room at the other elders...........not one was acting surprised.

    I will never forget that moment. It blew my mind.

  • Scott77

    If they do not allow recordings, so what are they afraid of?


  • Listener
    Perhaps no one will step up to be an elder any more... if one is smart!

    The elders do have a big responsibility and they should be aware of the pitfalls. It is their own responsibiity to find out where they stand.

    I wonder how clear it is made to the elders that the org considers them to be independant agents. For an org that keeps going on about unity it is hard to see any consistancy.

  • WTWizard

    I wonder if they are also afraid that someone will record the "school(??)" with a pen recorder and then upload it to an apostate forum.

  • skeeter1


    If something bad happens, then every party is named in the lawsuit as Defendants. Plaintiff lawyers make sure they name as many people as they can who were responsible, as the fact finding (legal word "discovery" - depositions, record requests, etc.) has not begun.

    So, the elders as individual persons and The Watch Tower are both named as defendents.

    If the the elder was an "independent agent"; then he is much more likely to have to pay damages himself as an individual....especially if he was acting "outside" the Watchtower's "clear instructions". Since there is no tape recording, the elder has mainly the elder's book. Other elders present at the school are unlikely to corroborate the elder's handwritten notes or recollection of a meeting.

    Now, if the elder is an "employee", then the Watch Tower is "vicariously liable". In other words, the buck passes directly to the Watch Tower if the elder was doing anything within the reasonable scope of his employment.

    If a pilot crashes the plane due to mere pilot error, the pilot is fired....but is not sued.

    If the judge/jury were to find both the Watch Tower and the elder(s) responsible, then the judge/jury will be asked to split the damages based on state law.

    I am betting most elders do not carry "errors and omissions" insurance for their activities as "independent agents". A judgment award could wipe them out, both now and in the future (garnishments).

    *****Yep, this is why I'd never be an elder *******


  • VM44

    Do elders know that by accepting their appointment they open themselves up to legal exposure?

  • wasblind

    If ex Jw's start suing every Elder that was on their judicial commitee,

    for the harm it cause them and their families, The WTS will start to be

    hard pressed for elders, especially when the elders see that they will

    be hung out to dry by this Org.

    Imagine, the sherriff knockin' on the elders door, to serve them with papers

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    My husband who had been an elder said that some brothers took really good notes but others did not hardly take any. He said after an elders school where some new light was brought out that a week or two latter at the local elders meeting there would always be a couple of elders who would want to do something their own way or use the old light.

    He said then there would be problems with what everyone had down on their notes. Some would have it down right, some would twist to it to fit what they wanted and some would not take hardly any notes. It totally blew him away. He said that was the huge thing about allowing the one child molester in the hall to hold and take care of the mentally handicapped little girl, as some elders felt very strongly that the child molester did his time in prison and that the also said he did not even do the crime in the first place and that he had been put in prison wrongly.

    Many elders did not agree but the stronger ones insisted that this man who had been in prison for eight years for raping an eight year old child was free to hold and take care of children who cannot speak in anyway.

    The strong elders won.

    It is truly scary as the family's of the week elders will suffer if a child is molested. What are the week elders going to tell the courts or well I forgot to take notes or I just did not want to rock the boat?

    It is all just really scary, I am so glad they deleted my husband over his taking a stand about the child molesters in the hall.


  • dogon

    The tower has always insisted on blind obedience and at the same time kept the privilege of throwing anyone under the bus that made it easy for them to skate scott free if necessary. They have not honor nor morals.

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