"How Awful This Place Can Be!" Life at Bethel by Keith Casarona

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    Keith would be great for you to get together with Brock Talon, he put a book out on his Bethel stay of the early eighties a year or two ago. I'm sure he could give you some tips on how to put one together. He's on the forum here uses same name. Anyhow thanks again as I sais earlier your stories open the door for me to walk away from this sad cult.

    On edit : Sorry Keith I shouldn't of bumped this thread. Hopefully it will just stay down I've been enjoying your recent refresher on your other post and hope others get to read it there for the first time. Sorry about that everyone.

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    This bit gave me a chuckle:

    "...If you weren't Gay or and NPG at Bethel, you were homophobic..."

    These days, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that if you're homophobic (anywhere), you are gay and/or NPG. :smirk:

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    "...more people are kicked out of the JWs every year for sexual reasons then anything else. 1 Sex out of wedlock. 2 Sex with someone besides your marriage mate. 3 Sex with your own kids or other people's kids."

    Numbers 1 and 2, sure.

    Number 3, though? They're more likely to keep you.

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    new boy
    Yes my new repostings are cleaned from the ones I did 8 years ago plus I have added some new information, that wasn't there before.

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