Splane's take on David and Bathsheba-(Obey Borg)

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  • blondie

    I cannot read any of this but..........I did comment on this in a recent WT study article....did God judge any other Jews hearts and minds and accept them as repentant and forgive them for murder and adultery? Are we to believe that David was the only Jew ever worthy of such special consideration. Did God then adjust the law code at that time so that these wrongdoers would not be judged by men but only directly by God? What about JCs today?

  • baltar447

    So I guess we're supposed to supress our God-given sense of Justice? Something definately smells. God's law given to Isreal put heavy judgement upon those that dealt poorly with widows and orphans. Should we think he'd feel much different about not giving justice to victims of child molestation?

  • heathen

    I'm guessing there were other problems in Davids house that led to his sons taking his women and declaring themselves rulers is why the punishment on Davids house took place as it did . Solomon was the only son left alive after it was over.

  • sabastious
    Obey and submit to theocratic rule.

    I, for one, welcome our new Governing Body overlords.


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