Nostradamus prediction of 2012 and the timing of the society leaving New York City

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  • WTWizard

    I personally think December 21, 2012 will be as meaningful as crossing into the southern hemisphere on earth. That is what earth is going to do in the galaxy on that day--we will cross into the southern hemisphere of the galaxy. No big deal--aside more doomsday forecasts and Washtowel predictions that Armageddon will come then.

    However, I still advise people to get off the fluoride treatments that are ruining our brains and pineal glands. (And I advise researching "pineal gland health".) Fluoride ruins your pineal gland, among other things--which is said to be the seat of your connection to the universe. Let that get closed off, and you cannot attract anything good into your life. Whether or not that is true, ridding your body of fluoride will have health benefits--you will sleep better, and most likely have more energy. At the very least, you will not be sedated into letting the Establishment doing your thinking (and, if you are contemplating becoming one of Jehovah's Witlesses or know someone that is, joining them first and asking questions later). Bonus: You will probably have fewer cavities, better bones, and a lower risk of getting sick if you get off the fluoride. Remember, the poison is in your water--again, I suggest researching what form of fluoride is added to the water supply.

  • Satanus

    "Does anyone know anything about this"

    Yah, 2012 is just another panic button that the monkey mind in some humans is reacting to as is nostidamus' drivel. As human animals, we have residual genetic programming to panic because of percieved dangers. It served us well, when we were monkeys and grazing animals. However, the iron grip control that humans presently have on almost all areas of the planet renders fears like that nonuseful. Not that there aren't things to be concerned about. But, 2012 isn't one of them.


  • designs

    Do you think we could get our money back from the profits made on the sale of the Brooklyn properties.

  • dysfunction

    Everyone thank you for your comments especially from AGuest

  • IMHO

    You may or may not believe something (i.e. Armageddon or Planet X) will come in 2012, but you do not know for a certainty that it will not so nobody here can rightfully write it off (until after the event).

    Conversely there is a possibility it will happen, as there is for any year you like to mention.

  • Satanus


    You're right, of course. It could be the yr that the mega comet, the perfect storm, or all the suicide bombers in the world have a similtaneous brain fart. However, given all the extra security since 9-11, and the record of nonmegacomet crashes for last few milleniums, except for tunguska, i'm fairly sure that we will be ok in 2012. We could however, have another 9-11, or hurican katrina, or a big quake. Those things have happened before, recently, so events on those levels wouldn't get me excited about nostadamus writings.


  • ProdigalSon

    Like any other psychic, seer, or prophet, Nostradamus was looking at the Akashic Record, which contains the history of the cosmos and all possible futures. He saw some of the worst possible scenarios, similar to what's recorded in the Book of Revelation, but thankfully, no prophecy can be set in stone because of our collective free will. Like the cataclysmic scenes in the book of Revelation, many of his prophecies have already failed, and they cannot be revived. We have moved PAST the end of the Hindu Kali Yuga, which was somewhere in the 1988 to 1992 time frame. In August of 1987, approximately 144,000 Lightworkers gathered in prayer around the earth's chakras and asked for Armageddon to be canceled. The Event is known as "Harmonic Convergence".

    We have had large scale destruction of vast civilizations in the past.... we have remains of Atlantis under the ocean.... Lemuria in the Pacific was also deluged but much more gradually and tens of thousands of years earlier... it's not happening this time. We have chosen to move past destroying ourselves and on to a Golden Age of Christ Consciousness.

    It won't be long now, that world events, most notably UFO Disclosure, will put the fear-mongering Doomsday Cults like the Watchtower out of business for good.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Interesting reasoning:

    The prophecies failed because people acted in order to prevent them happening.


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