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  • clarity

    Truth is funny isn't it? The religion that Christ chose in 1919 because it had the Truth, at that time had this to say................................


      Indeed, even if the transgressor refuse to hear (obey) the decision of the entire Church, no punishment is to be inflicted or even attempted. What then? Merely the Church is to withdraw from him its fellowship and any and all signs or manifestations of brotherhood. Thenceforth the offender is to be treated "as a heathen man and a publican." Matt. 18:17" Studies Series VI - The New Creation pp.289, 290

      "According to this Scripture the very most that the church could do would be that, after having vainly endeavored to get the brother to repent and reform, it should withdraw special brotherly fellowship from him until such time as he would express willingness thereafter to do right. Then he should be received again into full fellowship.
      In the meantime the brother may merely be treated in the kindly, courteous way in which it would be proper for us to treat any publican or Gentile, withholding the special rights or privileges or greetings or voting opportunities that belong to the church as a class separate from the world" Watchtower 1919 Mar 1 p.69 ))
      .....The following statements sound ominously like what is happening in the watchtower organization today. Listen to the indignation 'our 'leaders' showed towards the rulers of 'christendom'.........................

      ((Russell and Rutherford were lenient towards doctrinal disagreements, recognizing that making all followers think alike on doctrine is what originally caused the great apostasy and a method of control.

        Satans organization sails under the high-sounding name of "Christendom". It boasts of a membership of over 500,000,000 persons. Its members are in bondage to creeds, customs, rites and ceremonies; they dare not disown these or criticizeor expose them. To do so would bring down on their heads taunts, reproaches, disfellowship and persecution. Many thousands of the Lords people are held in these denominations as prisoners, afraid to express their disapproval of the creeds, methods and customs of the organization.? Watchtower 1930 October 1 p.301

      As late as 1947, the Awake described the practice of excommunication as anunscriptural, pagan practice, using Hebrews 10: 26-31 to show it should be left to God to judge individuals.))

      So what happened to all that TRUTH. If Christ said it was the very best in 1919, why was it changed??

      So all that evil in christendom that Rutherford was so incensed about, has, since 1952 been imposed upon a captive people within the JW organization!! What a change of face!! They know exactly what they're doing!


    • clarity

      Oh sorry forgot the link........

      Also why is the print so small on my post? Darn!


    • Soldier77

      ...and this is why they don't have publications (WTs) past 1950 and Awake from 1970. They don't want the 'truth' of older publications to incriminate them today.

      Too late... the internet killed that hope for them!!

    • FreeAtLast1914

      I love these posts, recalling "truths" of yesteryear, exposing the WT's faulty reasoning and hypocrisy. I just love 'em!

      What a joke of a religion...

    • Sayswho

      Great info:

      I get very offended when they use the term "present truths" to overlook yesterdays false teachings.


    • wasblind

      I'm with you there sayswho,

      we all know that "present truth" means the truth could change into something no longer recognized as truth in watchtower world

      is there any JW out there that can agree that real truth does not change, and if it does, it wasn't the truth to begin with.

    • clarity





      Thank you all for responding to the post.

      When I ran across this, my jaw dropped, omg the expose of the churches by Rutherford's condemming words ... are the description of the bondage the JW's are put in today!!!

      I will carefully copy these words out and place them beside the shunning/DFing crimes, that the WT 'endowed' us with today.

    • ziddina

      Marking for future reference.... Psst!! Clarity!!! In order to find such threads more easily, you might want to include the thread's topic in the thread's title... Just a suggestion... Something like "They Dare Not Disown, Criticize, or Expose Shunning flipflops...."

    • clarity

      Zid, thanks. Good idea, it was contained in the link "Watchtower/Disfellowship-Shunning Reasons", so I guess I figured I had it covered.

      Would you help me with something else? I need to know how to do the inset 'thingy' that some use instead of quotation marks, or highlighting that clearly shows what words are being quoted.

      Don't know how to explain it.....none on here to refer to.

      If you know what I mean Zid, could you tell me how to do it plse.



    • clarity


      Here is a sample of what I'm wanting to do when I quote ... anybody??

      Please and thank you.

      For instance...

      Jesus was either the biggest, fattest liar and charlatan who ever lived or he was who he said he was. There is NO middle ground here.


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