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    From the WT of October 1, 1921 p. 303:

    was made concerning the makfng of certain film to be exhibited
    on a miniature projecting machine suitable for use in
    parlors of homes, small hal~ and., schoolhouses, in connection wlth
    teaching the truth. Following that Brother Driscoll and Brother
    Rutherford visited Europe, Egypt and Paleatine and made ~ m/mLben,
    of films. Films have also been m~de ef the Imperial Valley
    (Califorma). These pictures have been exhibited on standard
    projectLng machines at a number of places, namely, Okla~yma
    City, Boston, Detroit, Buffalo, and some other places, and manF
    of the friends have expressed ti~n~elvm enthusiastically in favor
    of them.
    As heretofore announced, the Society cannot engage in the manufacturing
    busin~s ; hence the manufacture and male of the pro-
    Jarring machines and the film must be done by a separate corporation.
    Brother Drtscoll is the manager of the ~in~no. Kit
    Corporation and ha~ put forth Iris best end~vorw, together witi~
    others who have assisted him, to produce films and a. pr~ectl~l~
    m~wbtn0 that would he u~eful, in teaehin~ the me.age of present
    truth. While the Society cannot engage in the manufacture and
    male a~ above mentioned, yet It is the desire of the Society that
    every possible means for teaching the truth be employed.
    The Imperial Valley film is produced for tl~ purpose of showing
    fulfillment of prophecy in the reclamation of the desert land and
    interesting pooplain the truths concerning rsstitution. The flTm~
    made in Palestine more particularly relate to the return of the
    2ew~ to that land and the rebuilding of Palestine, whlIe those
    m~le in Egypt have reference to the Great Pyramid and the Iessous
    it teaches, The general subject matter, of course, has the
    endorsement of the Society ; and the effort of the Kinemo Kit
    Corporation to produce a satisfactory picture has the endorsement
    of the Society.
    From this time forward" the Klnemo Kit Corporation will assume
    all responelbflity of production, handling, eale and distribution
    of the maehtn~ aud film. The price, as we are Informed
    by the Kinemo Kit Corporation, will be announced in the near
    fuimre. All o~dea~ r~cel.ved harotofere by the Se~let~, will be
    tmmmltt~t to tl~ Kimm~. if_it. Corporaflo~ for filling. ]~alm~
    or~Iera sheriff be sent direct to the Ktnem~ Kit Corpor~tiozv at
    1342 Gordon St, r~os Angeles, California,
    The Kinemo Kit Corporation will continue to produce film from
    time to time for the purpose of teaching the message of present
    truth and which will I~ mmllabl~ fo~ mm up~m the machines it
    will manufacture for male. The price of the future film will be
    regulated according to the ~ of the story and will be duly
    ~’naunced, by that company from time to time."

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    I have been checking but haven't found much for Kinemo Kit Corporation. We will keep looking!


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