Quotes from 2010 Watchtower publications

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  • overlapmyass

    I can hardly wait... in a few years when the "overlapping" generation start dying of old age, I guarantee you, "new light" will reveal that Armageddon will arrive before the generation that overlaps the generation that overlaps the generation that witnessed the year 1914 passes away.

    Don't laugh. This will happen... and those poor deluded fools with glazed eyes knocking on your door will tell you that it is the "Truth" (with a capital 't').

    How long can it be before someone at Brooklyn blows the whistle on this evil scam?

  • MrMonroe

    Many thanks for those quotes. The worried father of a young guy who has recently been baptised has given me a list of "characteristics of a cultic group" and asked me to provide WT quotes that support those characteristics. I've done a bit of work on the list already, but many of those quotes fill in the gaps immediately, with very up-to-date statements that would torpedo any "Old light" defence. Greatly appreciated.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    MrMonroe, would you be willing to post a link to, (or privately PM/email) a copy of the document you're working on when it's complete? I tried doing something like that before but I'm not happy with how I left it (never really finished it to my satisfaction). I, and many others, would really appreciate it.

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