Ladies, be careful what you send us guys out for...

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  • Jim_TX

    Okay. So this morning, I was out and about.

    The wife tells me to bring home a couple of Christmas stockings to hang, so that we can put our small goodies in them. (We have some already, but they're in storage, and we don't feel like digging through several storage boxes just to find them.)

    I look. I really do. All the places have very little left, and people are madly buying up what is left.

    I finally wind up at a store that has these HUGE 4-foot long stockings. I do not exagerate. These things are very large. Only two left, so I get them.

    When I get home, my wife opens the door and I greet her with... "Okay... you've got to remember... I'm a guy." She bursts out laughing.

    She laughs even harder when I pull out these two humungous Christmas stockings.

    Merry Christmas yall.

    Jim TX

  • Soldier77

    LOL! Awesome! I think the best part was your wife laughing, you did what you were told and you made due with what you could find. Good for you sir!

    Merry Christmas!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    That innocence is one of the things I love about men.

  • Scott77

    Ok, just read it. Looks funny though.


  • JeffT

    We have a big one not quite that big but close. My mother in law made it for us the year we left the Borg. We just dump all the stocking stuff for the whole family into it. It's kind of fun.

  • Jim_TX

    Well... I put my leg into one of the stockings, and it came up to my upper leg. Fit pretty good.

    I found enough items to put into my wifes' stocking... and have other items that will go under the tree. She will have presents a-plenty.

    What a wonderful time of the year. heh heh heh

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Jim TX

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Have a good christmas and may your stockings overflow with gifts

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