What Brought You Into the Witnesses?

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  • anewme

    I was the child of very unhappy alcoholics and was a very lonely 17 year old when I met a JW girl at school. It was 1972 and little did I know that the summer before school started this girl had attended a DC where all the witnesses were whipped up about the big A and the big T starting in 1975. She was determined to start a bible study during her senior year at school and I became her senior project.

    I knew nothing about the Bible and so was hearing it all for the first time. I longed for all the dream to come true. I longed for a happy family life.

    It was hard getting to know the JW families and feeling a part of the group when you are a chubby depressed female. I starved myself down to 105 lbs and found love amongst the brotherhood meanwhile working as a housekeeper with another female witness.

    My parents disinherited me for getting baptized. But I kept going in the religion despite family opposition. I married the witness young man who returned my affections and hoped to have the happy family life I longed for.

    But things did not turn out well for us. He was horribly injured in an accident and life became a struggle to stay alive.

    After 35 years I felt my life was a big dissappointment.

    I went to a therapist who gave me the idea I could change my life by making a few adjustments......such as divorce and getting out of the JW religion.

    I took the advice and made the adjustments.

    Now, ten years later I can say that I have some happy days. In fact many days are quite happy. I found new love. Bought a house.

    Have a career. Just got an email from my ex. We have remained good friends.

    I remain hopeful that God will do something to fix the world....or that a plague will eliminate 2/3 of the human population so that nature can recoup.

    So to answer your question "what brought you into the witnesses" I would say a dream of paradise brought me in.


  • FreeAtLast1914

    Birth and bad luck.

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    Hope you don't mind OUTLAW. I copied your post 5129 at:


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