My aunt needs help writing to her JW daughters

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    So, my dh and I have only known since October that the JW's don't have "the truth." We're both born ins that were never zealous, but never questioned it either.

    My grandma converted when my aunt was pretty young, so she was brought up as a JW from age 5 or 6.

    I just found out last week that after her marriage broke up about a year ago and then she moved away, she also figured out the truth about the religion.

    Anyway, her daughters are young adults and are gung ho JWs (even though they weren't brought up that way really). Even though my aunt/ their mom isn't df'ed, they told her they can't have anything to do with her because they can't approve of her new lifestyle. That's ridiculous because she is a very moral person and has done nothing wrong.

    So, she asked me what my suggestion was in writing to her daughters. I said that at least one of her daughters would probably be swayed by scriptures that show how Jesus would not have shunned people. I meant to take the time to re-read all of the gospels this weekend to find them, but my life got crazy and I thought some of you might have already gone through this (trying to show how shunning is wrong with the Bible.)

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    You might this site very helpful... [place this in your web browser to go to the site as I just havent worked out how to make this a clickable link... :( ]

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    Pick a topic and use

    or do a search in the archive here.

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    Thanks! I started with JW facts actually, but as far as I can see it just has quotes on what the WT says. My aunt doesn't want to attack that because she doesn't think the girls will listen to any anti-WT stuff. But, they may read some scriptures that make them think about how Jesus treated people. The freeminds site above has two very good articles with scriptural references if anyone else needs this info (both something along the lines of is disfellowshiping Biblical).

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