Burying the Resurrection Challenge. Watchtower mentioned.

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  • whereami

    Watchower mentioned on 2:10. It's nice to see others besides ex-dubs realise the WTS as a scam.


  • Perry

    Quote: The conviction with which one holds a belief does not tell us anything about whether or not that belief is true.

    This guy drones on like an autotomon about things he knows nothing about. He has a hard time distinguishing between fact and belief. According to him, we should just get rid of all credible witnesses in a court of law?

    Witness: I saw him rob a bank

    Devils Attorney: No, you merely believe that you saw him rob a bank.

    He tries to connect the cognitive dissonance of Jehovah's Witnesses regarding past false predictions to his belief that the resurrection of Jesus was made up.

    He conveniently skips the fact that Jesus has introduced himself to millions of people since then by taking up residence in their spirit.... producing a knowing by revelation. This is what he did to me one morning several months after I was saved. Jesus spoke directly into my spirit that he was alive and well.

    1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

    Born again Christians know that they have life within themselves because the author of life resides within them, even after he was slain. This is not faith. It is a fact as most every born again believer will testify, as I do.

  • designs

    Perry, you're back from the Badlands of Texas, Merry Christmas.

    Maybe other alternatives are true, maybe the idea that everyone is going to be fine with regards to the Hereafter, OLAM HA-RAH in Judaism. Why does the Jewish God come off so much nicer and altruistic than the Christian God in this matter. Why did Yeshua ben Yoseph take such a dark turn down a bad alley.

  • cantleave

    Great video whereami.

  • peacefulpete

    The video makes some very pertinent points about what constitutes evidence and even on this level of criticism the resurrection story lacks crediblity. What is of even more fundemental is the question of whether the tale was written to be understood as history in the modern sense. The myriads of competing cults of the day inspired many thousands even millions of adherents yet very few of these concerned themselves with the historical accuracy of their respective demigod legends and religious tales. A powerful myth can inspire devotion as well, if not better, than a newspaper report.

    tFurther, the well established literary relationship of the Synoptics especially, erases the claim of independent reporting. Matt, Luke are simply local sectarian revisions/expansions of the simpler Markan story not independent reports of historical events. The presently widely adopted Gospels are gathered together in the NT presicely because they were similar enough to pass as coherent parallels upon casual reading. The numerus Gospels in circulation at the time of the formal formation of Christainity as an orthodoxy had very different perspectives and interpretations of the passion tale. A one time dominant sect of Christianity, docetism, held that the death was illusory. The date of the death is yet in flux among the Synoptics and John and other traditions among early Christian writers had different opinions yet as to the timing of the story. To me the issue is identical to questioning the historicity of the death of Mithra or the countless other contemporary gods and demigods whose "passion" tales inspired the populace.

  • whereami

    Great points peacefulpete.


    Great points peacefulpete.

    Did I miss something? I merely read a bunch of baseless assertions.

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