Convention Drama -"Days of our lives" for Witnesses...why do they show all Worldly people as Evil!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    At the last Convention I couldn't help but wonder what a "worldly" person would think of the Drama. It was all about a Witness youth gone astray. The Worldy girls were of course hard drinking sluts who left him at the first sign of trouble as did the evil materialistic friend. I couldn't help but think of all the worldly people I work with who love their familes and partners {married or not} and who live decent lives. This propaganda show would make Communist Russia proud!

  • designs

    It traces itself back to the faulty premise of 'Christianity'- the Saved and Unsaved, the Final Judgement, 'God/Jesus' threatening humans with this notion of 'Love me or else'.

    Blame the modern adherents of 'Christianity' for prepetrating this ideology but also fault the basis for their Beliefs- the NT.

  • alanv

    From there point of view and not to mince matters, they believe that very soon, their god Jehovah will destroy all those who are not JWs. So these ones are ruled by Satan. That is what is at the back of their mind all the time.

  • designs

    p e r p e t r a t i n g...................geez I should learn to type with more than two fingers

  • thetrueone

    JWs like many other high controlling religious cults like to set up walls of containment to keep the flock in so to speak

    at their grasp of control. The WTS has always demonetized all out side institutions like education facilities, government institutions,

    local community organizations and the list goes on. With that implied, all people outside of the JW organization are deemed evil and bad

    association for JWS., of course some of that is true but allot of it is false because they never state that there are good people outside of the

    JW organization. In other words anyone outside of the JW flock is potentially evil, in essence false propaganda with an intent to control.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    why do they show all Worldly people as Evil!!

    When you demonize people you take away their humanity. Once you no longer see them as being human you can easily destroy them without a thought that they are real flesh and blood people.

    This also makes it easier to shun them, lie to them, treat them with disgust, not be friends with them, etc.

    In the end the JW is the one who is being dehumanized because they can't think or feel or act for themselves any more

  • poppers

    I don't think it could be said any better than what Lady Lee said.

  • Scott77

    The level of and intensity of hatred of all non-JW individuals that permeates the WTS organisation, can be disheartening to an ordinary guy. The extend of indoctrination on the part of the rank and file, is obvious as can be noted in the way they even utilize the phrase 'worldly people' in their ordinary everyday communication eg, in phone, emails, letters, verbal chats, etc. Therefore,Iam not surprised the born-in JWs who later exits the organisation, find it hard to adjust to the world they despised for much of their life in the borg.


  • moshe

    Danger lurks everywhere on the ouside for the WT. So, JW's are trained to be scared of all blood-sucking worldly people-


  • Scott77


    Very good and scary photo. A very scary and powerul selection.


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