alcoholics anonymous and jws

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  • mutinyinheaven

    yeah, unfortunately i think he's on thin ice w/ the law and he either has drug friends or a love bomb from the congregation.

    similar situation with my teenage parents, they either had their heavy drug user friends or jws, so they found and got love pounded with the jws.

    extreme circumstances bring extreme measures. but society (not wtbts) has its own idiocy, so whatever works, just leave me out of the jw stuff as i'll never be a friend of anyone who actually believes in jw crap, including df'ed, ex-jws, etc.

    does it keep my old friend out of jail? who cares. he can't read my novel.....a jw love story w/ lots of secular positive reviews and optioned for a tv show.

    as a writer i know my most important relationship is to writing. romance second. friends second. anyone in my way gets cut off. i guess df'ed. ;)

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