JW's don't love Jehovah

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  • carla

    Last time I checked, a lot of Christians loved Jesus, but they weren't exactly commiting suicide so that they could be with him earlier.--what the heck? that makes no sense whatsoever.

    Not to be contrary, I think that it is a matter of priorities. JW's are more concerned about what is in it for them than any notion of loving Jehovah.-- sums it up nicely.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    There are no apologists on this board. Most true JWs, unfortunately, only stick their heads up to post, then dive and run silent before the destroyers can reach them.

    The God of the Old Testament is Jehovah, who was born into mortality as Jesus. Jehovah is the Son, not the Father. Their confusion on that issue alone is a minefield that sinks many of them. Still, if they understood the scriptures, they would recognize that. They also believe the Earth will exist as it did in its Edenic state instead of being resurrected as a fiery sphere of replendent glory. Even as the saints were baptized by water and fire (the Holy Spirit), the Earth will die and be resurrected, having been baptized by a flood and cleansed by fire. Ask a JW sometime what joy will come after six months of Edenic pleasures. How fun can petting tigers be after a few weeks?

    After 787 family reunions, one each week, I suspect mahem would break out as people attacked each other with guitars and pitchforks! And after all the children grew up, what happiness would exist after that. "Hey, Melrose, a bunch of us are going over and pet the tigers next Tuesday. Want to join us?" The giant cats would eat grain during the day, but some of the more astute Witnesses would start noticing goats and sheeps missing in the mornings. Then they'd notice the cats would be less interested in the wheat the next day. Then some of them would begin disappearing.

    But then, you won't read about that in any of the pamphlets!

  • Ding

    "Great crowd" JWs believe that if they went to heaven they would have to spend eternity with Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, Fred Franz, and Jaracz.

    They would rather stay on earth and pet lions.

  • pirata

    Pirata, wearing his Apologist hat, says:

    Last time I checked, a lot of Christians loved Jesus, but they weren't exactly commiting suicide so that they could be with him earlier.--what the heck? that makes no sense whatsoever.

    Exactly. I defined love of Jesus as wanting to be with Jesus right now. Not everyone agrees with that definition of love.

    Similarly, if you define love of Jehovah as wanting to be with him in heaven, not everyone is going to agree with that definition of love.

  • carla

    I am still missing something here. You do understand that most Christians consider suicide a grave sin? Most Christians would not think in the terms you describe at all. They KNOW that when they die, they will be with their Lord, wherever that may be. Like the quote when asked a little girl,'where is home?' answer, 'wherever mother is'. So too for a Christian, they know that heaven will be wherever their Lord is. Time is not measured in human terms in the heavenly realm so they would not think of committing suicide to 'hurry' the process.

    My jw believes that when Christians pray the Lords prayer and 'thy Kingdom come' comes up that they are praying for the 'end' so to speak, to 'hurry' it up, as jw's understand it. Not so with Christians, it comes, it comes, no worry for a Christian. They are with their Lord be it now or in the hereafter. But, you would have to understand the whole 'relationship with Christ' thing to understand that sentence.

  • carla

    I forgot to add- when discussing jw's with never been/know nothing about the cult folks they cannot wrap their head around the fact that jw's have no desire to go to heaven. Be it Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, whatever, they do not and cannot understand it. Try it sometime, you will see their face in confused expressions and you can almost see their brain trying to understand it.

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