Evolution a fact? You betcha!

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    eric356 - "As a fellow nerd, evolution is fascinating. I can't stand people teaching kids creationism. Part of the reason I wrote this: http://www.mediafire.com/?3wil5bzi59b2l8f "

    I 've never actually considered myself a "nerd", per se; more of an artsy intellectual -type with geekish leanings. In fact, I've never really even liked the word "nerd". I certainly don't look like one.

    Feel free to apply the label to yourself, though, I try not to judge (lest I be judged).

    I'd already read "Weighed" a couple months ago; it was well written. I remember the first time I'd figured out that the word "theory" in layman's terms had become viewed as virtually the opposite of what it means in the scientific community (thanks to Young Earth Creationists and right-wingers). That was my first moment of genuine (albeit mild) intellectual outrage.

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    tec - “I mean, is this everywhere, or is this mostly just a 'States' fear?”

    If by “States fear”, you mean the evolution/creationism issue, than not as such, but it’s certainly anchored in the U.S.; American right-wingers (especially religious ones) are constantly kept in a state of fear (to varying degrees), it’s a fundamental and utterly necessary component of their worldview.

    Evolution is highly threatening to them for reasons that I listed a few posts back.

    What’s even more disturbing is that authoritarian regimes always find their strongest support from a fearful populace. Back in the ‘30s, author and futurist Sinclair Lewis once said “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying the Cross”.

    I keep a close eye on American Right-Wing politics and its inherent authoritarian/religious nature (I’m Canadian, so any political fallout will inevitably spill over the border in my direction), and what I’ve been seeing in the U.S. lately gives me chills…

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