Update:Elders still using passive/agressive & Confrontation with JW mom

by Coffee House Girl 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • 3Mozzies

    I hope it works out for you CHG, however we are talking about the JW religion here. Sounds like you're in charge for the moment. I feel for your mum, she is so blind & totally under the cults control, lets hope she wont shun you if the Elders get their way and DF you.


  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    tellthetruth- you are right, if i spilled my guts, it would all be over for the moment...then I would be a good little JW again, yielding to men. My actions have a specific purpose, will I be judged by others? Yes, but can I live with myself? Absolutely, sleeping soundly. I understand your point of view though. Welcome!

    darkuncle- yes I am a one woman balancing act- hope I can keep juggling :) thanks for your comment.

    illuminator- awww fresh out of eggs... will have to restock

    nugget- yes, I am angling for a legal recourse & I have sent them a letter requesting only to be contacted by mail, as I am stumbled by harrassment of mom and landlady.

    3mozzies- (I hope mozzie means your a morrissey fan, because I am too) Thanks, I think I will end up loosing her in the end, but I want to break the news about CSG my way- not their way


  • I<3MYGod

    Just to share quickly my own little story....I had stopped going to meetings. I grew up, realized it was a crock of bull sh*t and had not stepped a foot into a KH for over a year. I was dating a man that wasn't a jay dum. My mother and sister took it upon themselves to go and talk with the elders and tell them their thoughts and what they thought was the truth of my life....I was hounded by elders, at work, at home, at my parent's house. I repeatedly told them I wasn't interested in meeting with them, or I was at work and I couldn't leave...blah blah blah.

    One night at work I get a phone call where I was informed that they were having the meeting without me (that night) and since I wasn't there they would make the decision themselves without even talking with me or hearing my side of anything. The next Thursday it was announced that I was DF'ed.

    I am happy about it, as I wanted out. I am sad though that I didn't get the pleasure of telling them where to stick their religion. :)

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