The watchtower eats humble pie in trying to locate and reinstate all those wrongly disfellowshiped?

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  • agonus

    Since disfellowshipping is wrong, the "wrongly disfellowshipped" would be, well, everybody ever disfellowshipped, dead, alive, or otherwise. Hell of a lot of people to pardon!

  • TD

    Interesting question

    There are plenty of examples, but I'm not sure if this is the best one.

    The "Blood issue" was not elevated to a judicial matter until 1961, so it's unlikely that anyone was disfellowshipped during the 50's. (cf. The Watchtower August 1, 1958 p. 478)

    In 1961 and 1963 statements did appear in both The Watchtower and in the booklet Blood, Medicine and The Law of God that would have precluded any use of blood whatsoever. It's hard to tell now if this was official policy or if one of the writers was simply ignorant because there are conflicting statements interspersed with them.

    For example, the September 15th 1961 issue affirmed that it was wrong to "Sustain life" with "...the various blood fractions." (pp. 558,559)

    Yet just two months later when specifically asked about "..the use of serums and vaccines," a "Questions From Readers" column refers back to the 1958 article which stated that this was "a matter of individual judgement." (p. 670) So it's hard to tell exactly what judicial action might have resulted when the information available was contradictory. Regardless, the presentation of contradictory information on a life and death issue was arrogant and irresponsible.

    There are plenty of other examples that could possibly have involved wrongful (In retrospect) judicial action. The use of the clotting factors was forbidden clear into the mid-1970's Autologous procedures like intraoperative collection and hemodilution were not allowed until the 1980's. Platelet gels were not allowed until 2000

  • sd-7

    There's no such thing as a "wrongly disfellowshipped" person. The WT says that the elders are making a decision that has already been made in heaven. If you were DF'd for disobeying the 'faithful slave', you have to display repentance. If you what you did is no longer wrong, the logic would be that you're not being disciplined for what the teachings are NOW, you WERE disciplined for what the teachings were back THEN. To reinstate people on that basis alone would be to deny being near-infallible. Besides, it wasn't the sin but the person's ATTITUDE that caused them to be DF'd, so...on that basis alone, no, they wouldn't eat humble pie. The only person who eats humble pie in the WT is YOU, the Rank and File. Humility is a luxury the 'channel of communication' cannot afford.


    P.S. If there was a legitimate basis for not DF'ing other than a rule change that was found during an appeal, that'd be about the only chance a DF'd person might have. But they'll only seek you out to help you back into the cult because there's a rule that requires them to check on you every so often.

  • still wondering
    still wondering

    TD thanks, really useful information.

  • Botzwana

    Oh Outlaw! You just went up in my book. Vince McMahon's Kiss my Ass club!!! I love it!

  • still wondering
    still wondering


    Besides, it wasn't the sin but the person's ATTITUDE that caused them to be DF'd”

    If that is so then what attitude does one have to display to avoid being DF.

    “Yes I know what I did was wrong and I’m very sorry that I’m now alive. In hindsight I wish a had refused the treatment and died, left a widow, my small children fatherless and my parents grieving for having lost their only offspring. Yes, I see I’ve committed a wicked act by preserving my life and showing what I thought was respect for life but I now realize I had it all wrong and have displeased Jehovah so much that I deserve to go to Gehenna when I die. Please believe me when I say I’m really very, very, very sorry for still being alive and will not do it again if the situation arose.”

    “Well that’s OK then, we will not DF you as you are clearly repentant”

    Yes, that is what jw’s SAY, but no, that is simply a lie. A person is DF’d for what they DID.

    Oh Outlaw! You just went up in my book. Vince McMahon's Kiss my Ass club!!! I love it!.....Botzwana


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  • still wondering
    still wondering

    For the bunch of psychopathic desperadoes, a collective “Mad Hatter”class, who rule in JWland known as “The spiritual paradise” they are indeed living in a veritable paradise. A paradise where they have the ability to empower themselves to perform miracles. The most notable being the miracle of always being right even when completely wrong. So it’s no surprise that they have also given themselves the powers of life and death.

    They thus have the powers needed to hand down death sentences or reprieves how ever the fancy takes them. It’s pointless having a power and not exercising it especially when it can be used to strengthen their power base and extend THEIR paradise.

    So these past decades the “ fateful and disgusting serpent Mad Hatter” class have used these powers to the hilt and by their own admission left thousands dead in their wake and tens of thousands more grieving.

    "In former times thousands of youths died for putting God first. They are still doing it, only today the drama is played out in hospitals and courtrooms, with blood transfusions the issue."
    Awake! - May 22, 1994, p.2

    Yes, the sacrifice of human life, human sacrifices, to please their god by as is stated “putting God first”.

    Why such human sacrifices? Because we are told that’s what their god requires and he is pleased by such sacrifices, just like the Canaanite gods were.

    Such are the dire consequences of worshipping, thence sacrificing to, the watchtower gods and their idols. Their primary idol, the “governing body”, in an effort to subserviate its followers erects subsidiary idols to pay homage and sacrifices to such as blood.

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