Why do JW's become so "active and spiritual" during the overseer's visit?

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  • XPeterX

    Bit hypocritical don't you think?

  • blondie

    Don't worry, I found most COs were not fooled by this and were aware of the manipulations.

  • baltar447

    Appearances are everything to alot of people.

  • AnnOMaly

    Hypocritical? I think it's a mix of anticipation for having a change from the humdrum (getting 'spiritually built up' LOL) and frantically window dressing to get a good inspection report. The elders and MSs I know are relieved when he's gone and life can revert to normal for them.

  • Gayle

    because one of their mean gods is visiting

  • aquagirl

    I have "sacred elders notes" that the co's left w/the elders after their visits,admonishing them for this and that.Mostly for lack of zeal and noy putting "spiritual things first".Guess most folks are busy feeding kids and not visiting congo's ,being fed,{they actually have their dietary requirements outlined b4 they arrive}and getting buttkissed to have much Dub zeal.Oh,and the "military style' haircuts that the younger brothers were sporting.They were asking the elders to pray on it and make a decision as to the spirituality of such worldly pursuits.

  • yknot

    Because the COs expect it..... they want to see people scurrying to impress....

    Just how the setup works......

    Hate the game, not the players...

  • BluesBrother

    Human nature.......isn't it? ...Like when the big boss makes a visit to your workplace, everybody likes to look like they work hard and the place is clean and tidy...And for the dubs it does make a change to the routine, and they get a speaker who is a bit more interesting than the locals.


    Kissing the WBT$ C/O`s Ass is expected..

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    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • undercover
    Like when the big boss makes a visit to your workplace, everybody likes to look like they work hard and the place is clean and tidy

    That's it exactly. If you work for a division of a larger corporation, you may rarely see your bosses bosses boss. So on that rare occasion that the uppity-ups from corporate come into town, everyone is expected to be on their best behavior and to be busy and clean up their work areas.

    With dubs it's pretty much the same. They're expected to be on their best behavior the week the corporate manager is in town. They're expected to attend all the weekly sales meetings and partake in the door to door sales campaign as much as possible.

    The difference is that at the real job, people are motivated by trying to move up and earn more money. In the KH, most people are motivated by guilt and fear. That's why the 'hardly-ever-show-ups' show up for that week. In the real world, if you had employees that rarely showed up and never produced for the company, they'd be fired long before the corporate manager showed up. In the KH world, they're allowed to bring production averages down for the entire division. So when the manager does show up, those that have been busy and active get frustrated that this loser who hasn't done shit in 6 months can show up and kiss ass.

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