Calling “Kiwi Shepard’s” your assistance is needed.

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  • fadinfast

    It is well known "Kiwi Shepard's" are some of the best at handling/sorting/counting [we wont mention breeding] sheep and the GB could do with your help. You see they are loosing sheep, they have wolfs in sheep clothing, they have sheep in wolfs clothing, disobedient sheep, rebellious sheep, questioning sheep, uncooperative sheep, black sheep, grey sheep, swinging sheep, thinking of going sheep, halfway gone sheep, sheep, goooooooooone sheep! As you can see the problem requires much expertise, so name your own price, plenty of money in the kitty!

    Oh any Bethel lurkers, hope the old buggers aren't stressing to much and losing to much sleep, but wait, if they are then please please! offer them this advice, with our love, tell them to "count sheep". It works so well for us. In case you don't know this is how they shoud do it. 1sheep....MISSING 3....5sheep.....MISSING2...8sheep... I think you get it. FF

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    One of the Australian poet A.B. ("Banjo") Paterson's poems is about the legendary drover, "Clancy of the Overflow."

    In this poem's closing stanza, reference is made to Clancy being recalled for active duty on Judgement Day, when the Good Lord may need some assistance with bringing in his sheep.

    It would seem that the GB are needing to do this a bit earlier:

    - i.e. locate Clancy of the Overflow (wherever he is now), and give him the contract to locate, round up, and then yard their lost flocks for them!

    "Make a call for Clancy, Clancy of the Overflow."


  • Lillith26

    Iam an Aussie girl from the central Bush and I aint commenting on anything that combines kiwis, sheep and the WTBTS GB! But I will do this.....


    (roll, ontha, floor, laughing, my, fancy, arse, off)

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