The Governing Body and 2 Chronicles 10:13-16

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  • metatron

    Judging from some recent events and the KM school in particular, it sounds like the (younger) Governing Body members are following the course of King Rehoboam, with all their talk about college and blood.

    I couldn't be more pleased.


  • LV101

    glad you are pleased. please elaborate to give me hope.



  • baltar447

    INTERESTING comparison...

  • metatron

    I'll elaborate: Once upon a time, there was a big organization. It's people/subjects/underlings were tired and complaining about all the burdens the organization put on them, so they went to the leadership and asked for things to be made easier on them all.

    The leadership thought about it. The older leaders recommended caution and easing up. The younger leaders spoke harshly and demanded that more burdens be put on the people, not less.

    The leadership went back to the people and spoke harshly to them. The result was open, violent rebellion.

    Now, you won't see open, violent rebellion however, you will see more passive-aggressive resistance to the organization on donations and guys (not) becoming elders. The fact that this may be happening tells you a lot about how arrogant and distant from reality the Governing Body is. As with all such bodies of men, they are going to be dominated by the most egotistical and self asserted men on the body.


  • designs

    It might help if the GB members took up golf or surfing, a little existential activity might get the starch out of their Boxers......

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Sooo ur saying their little finger will be heavier than jaraz thigh?


    One thing I learned at bethel, all the cats that are waiting in the wings, are merely biding their time till they could exercise power over others. Its the nature of bethel and the way its set up.

  • Soldier77

    Good comparison meta. Very interesting. I truly feel that is what is happening or is going to happen in full force now/soon. You can see the grips tightening on the R&F, just look at the new elders book and recent changes announced at the Annual mtg.

    The hammer is coming down and it's coming down hard.

  • LV101

    Metatron --- thanks.



  • TD


    ...recent events and the KM school in particular..

    What's going on? Is this something you can elaborate on?

  • sir82

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