ROME – Demonstration against ostracism and shunning

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  • Nick!

    Just a few comments:

    - Onemore: yes, I know the month and the day, but I would rather organize my next project first, contacting all those who could participate in a kind of "support demonstration" by attending, if at all possible, the trial next spring.
    I will definitely put together the subject and the whole program online, as soon as I get some time available and responses from people I am contacting

    - lifelong humanist: You are right, Achille is the guy "wearing the 'No Ostracism' badge". He is excellent! Very thoughtful man, with no unecessary outwards demonstration. He has a degree in journalism. He is an author of secular subjects, in particular, education, since he is employed by the Italian National Education Ministry.

    - Room 215: Sergio Pollina is fine. Unfortunately he could not join us in Rome. Do you know Sergio personally?

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More
    But, contrary to those other religious movements, only Jehovah’s Witnesses violate the human rights granted by the UN Charter, the European Union Charter and the Italian Constitutional rights by shunning those who decide to leave the movement, instructing their members to totally discriminate socially, secularly and even family wise, their ex members.

    This outfit, which claim to be God's chosen organization on earth (gag), violates BASIC human rights granted by, of all things, worldly organizations.

    Thank you Roberto, and all of you, who so bravely shone a spotlight on this side of the religion which has been successfully suppressed from outside scrutiny up till now. Not for very much longer can the WTBTS hide behind their facade of pseudo-righteousness and the protections afforded 'religions'; the rotten underbelly is being spotlighted for all the world to see. BRAVO again.

  • Pahpa

    Once again, the Watchtower Society's hypocrisy is exposed. Jehovah's Witnesses

    deplore the "persecution" of their members. Yet, they practice one of the worst

    forms, ostracising and shunning former members because they dared to question

    the validity of their claim as belonging to "God's organization." It has caused pain

    and heartache to thousands of families who are torn from loved ones. How can

    a religious organization who insists on its own freedom deny the same to so

    many all in the name of God?

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