Tribute to GB in Feb 1st public Watchtower

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  • startingover

    This takes me back to an MS school I atttended. At the end, another MS got up and read a letter praising the GB much like the letter in the OP. Where did that letter some from? I don't see how there was any time that this apparent brown noser could have written the letter himself, and if he didn't do it, who did? The rest of us certainly weren't consulted about it before it was read. And I can't imagine any of the powers to be lettering him get up and read a letter he personally wrote. I have asked around and no one can give me an answer.

    The letter in the OP begs the same question.

    I just saw Snake's post above. Where do you think a letter like the one I am referring to came from considering it was a one day event?

  • freddo
  • dozy

    w90 10/15 p.29 Why Pursue Righteousness? . If we view ourselves as better than some others, or if we are proud of our own righteousness, then we are like the Jewish Pharisees. (Matthew 6:1-4) Those who pursue righteousness successfully have a genuinely humble view of themselves, ‘considering that the others are superior to them.

    Shame that they don't apply this principle to themselves.

  • 3Mozzies

    we will do our utmost to imitate your fine examples of love, patience, humility . . .

    The only Gilead missionary I listen to:

    Lets hope other Gilead Missionaries wake up too.


  • Bangalore

    Too much self-praising?


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