Does anyone know how "new light" comes to fruition?

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  • Heaven

    Eat a can of this:


    Wait for it to process... then, use this:


    To light the gases that are emitted ... and Voila! Noo Lite! (aka Blue Angels in non-JW circles)

  • sabastious

    The new light cometh from the deepest darkest caverns of the Governing Body's behinds.


  • Ding

    Ray Franz was really shocked to discover how little Bible study and prayer the GB did.

    It was more like top management meetings called to put out fires in the organization. The GB did a lot of reacting to problems from various countries or groups of congregations where elders were asking about the same issue.

    For example, a lot of JWs were upset by the teaching that Jesus was the mediator only for the 144,000 and the GB had to decide whether to change that or not. They didn't.

    Another example was the 1914 date. A number of GB members actually wanted to change it to 1957 (the year the Soviets launched Sputnik), but they couldn't get enough GB members to go along. The fact that several of them seriously lobbied for that change shook Ray up.

    In a number of cases, a majority of the GB wanted to change some doctrine but it failed because of the 2/3 rule. It really bothered Ray when he thought about the fact that JWs worldwide were being required to believe something a majority of the GB didn't believe -- maybe to the point of going to prison or being persecuted for it.

    He was also upset by the number of rules the GB imposed on JWs on matters where the Bible said nothing (such as sexual practices between consenting JW spouses). He would ask, "Who are we to make these decisions for JWs? If Jehovah didn't specify these things in His Word, where are we getting these standards from?" Put most of the GB just said, "We're the faithful and discreet slave organization." That was all the "authority" most of them needed.


    The WBT$ GB..

    Invariably paint their Dumb Ass`s into a Corner..

    Thats when "New Light"..Pop`s out of their Ass..


    The JW Cattle are Given the "New Light"..


    All is Well..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • stuckinamovement

    Ding- great comment.

  • Terry

    Religion is an enviornment.

    There is survival involved and implied.

    Pressures of public opinion, internal criticism and self-preservation mould and shape the reactions of the members as well as leaders.

    Jesus, for example, would react to crowds which gathered to hear him speak. Sometimes he would have to feed them. Sometimes he had to escape from them. Often what he said and taught was a direct reaction to questions asked and situations which developed around him.

    In the course of his conversations he might say something in a way nobody was familiar with that made them change how they thought about things: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES!

    In Jerusalem, the pronouncements on Gentile converts was a REACTION to the lone ranger teachings of Paul who was directly generating a new kind of Jewish proselyte which caused pressures to develop on non-Messianic Jews who thought of themselves as other than "christian."

    The Council of Nicea in 325 was Constantine's reaction to the discord, violence and disharmony within that community.

    The Catholic Church's crackdown on so-called Apostates and heretics was a REACTION to the constantly evolving opinions on who or what Jesus was which clashed with the "official" policies (themselves a reaction to the problem) of the Church.

    The Protestant Reformation was a reaction by Catholic Church members RESPONDING to corruptions they perceived to be overpowering the good of the church itself.

    Protestants were ex-communicated Catholics...themselves created by the REACTION of the Church toward their attempts toward reform.

    With all the above in mind...

    Charles T. Russell reacted to his mother's indoctrinations about hellfire which greatly disturbed him.

    He found "other" teachings which excluded hellfire. This introduced him to Adventist ideas.

    Adventism presented him with chronology, charts, pyramidology and other crackpot "proofs" that he was living in the Last Days.

    Russell REACTED by using his family fortune to investigate further and assemble all these fringe ideas into a buffet of "choices."

    What Russell ended up with---through no direct genius of his own---was a NEW theology!

    He merely reacted which was the new "cause" of changes which became the foundation of a milieu of thought or core philosophy NEW

    to christianity in some ways while retaining core elements.

    These transformations constantly happen in every avenue of life. We don't call them NEW LIGHT so much as we call them "progress" or "elections" or "economic conditions" or such.

    Every social enviornment has pressures from outside as well as inside. The "leaders' deal with the situations as they change by REACTING.

    Those reactions take the form of PRONOUNCEMENTS which are opinions. Since they are viewed as the leaders, these pronouncements (opinions) are viewed as NEW INSPIRED POLICIES!

    But, in reality, it is just people dealing with things as they change in and of themselves.

    New Light is inescapable, in reality!

    Think of it this way. If your family has a tight budget and something unexpected comes up you often have to change your spending plans to include those emergencies. This is your own version of NEW LIGHT!

  • MrMonroe

    Well put, Terry. Their "new light" on the impending extinction of the generation of 1914 is just such a reaction.

    And yet there is such an aura around the GB that anything they decide, no matter how mundane, is deemed to be the result of God's direction.

  • Terry

    Millions Now Living Will Never Die becomes Millions Now Living MAY Never Die becomes the generation that overlaps....

  • thetrueone

    Pressures of public opinion, internal criticism and self-preservation mold and shape the reactions of the members as well as leaders.

    Good point Terry

    The newly instituted Generation change is one recent example, there had been many followers posing questions to Bethel

    Head Quarters about this subject that inspired the GB to make a discernable change to bring some level of viability toward themselves.

    They came up with " Jesus meant Generation(s) of this time will be no means pass away " pretty good bullshitting when you think about it.

    Why did this new light just appear now and not decades ago, an obvious answer is this particular light bulb didn't need to be changed,

    because it was still in good and useful working condition.

    1975 was once considered New Light by the solemnly guided FDSL, that too had to be changed and cast away.

    When one recent poster came on this forum, who's an obvious JWS (djeggnog) tried to argue in support of this new Generation doctrine,

    he couldn't come up with a honest logical explanation so he started to get frustrated and began guilting people for being

    spiritually weak. FUNNY STUFF

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