Hey Brits! Have you got snow?

by highdose 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • four candles
    four candles

    Nice pic,Cofty. We had about 5 inches last week,then another heavy fall on Friday,but I still managed to get my bus out in it.

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    We have about 1 and a half feet of snow! Coupled with below zero temps 24 hrs a day - its crazy.

    I have dug my car out about 6 times in the last week.

    A lot of JW meetings have been cancelled in the area - bet they were gutted!!!

    The Scotsman

  • warmasasunned

    its the worse snow ive seen ever, but compared to the usa, canada and russia its not so bad. but i live in the midlands, i know up north they have had as much as two or three feet of snow.

    its great on christmas cards but the sooner it goes the better.

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