Why not perform a visual experiment with your JW friends?

by Terry 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Terry

    Place all the society's book publications you can get your hands on from bygone decades on a table top.

    Russell's Divine Plan of the Ages, Rutherford's colorful screeds, the books from the 40's--70's (mostly by Fred Franz) and

    place a sign next to them and photograph the whole collection.

    The sign might read something like:

    Jehovah gave us these TRUTHS which are no longer True.......WHY?

    Is the problem with Jehovah or somebody else?

    Go to P.I.P. and have about 25 of these made into post cards and mail them anonymously to all the JW's you know.

    Wait for the explosion!!

  • leavingwt

    Inquiring minds want to know: Did Freddy pull info out of his arse or did Jehovah give it to him?

  • Magwitch

    Good Idea!

    However, I have thrown my entire collection away - I hated the sight of it.


    The light wasn't that bright back then...it's brighter now...isn't it?

  • carla

    that would make a great poster and flier!!!

  • wasblind

    " The light wasn't that bright back then...it's brighter now...isn't it?"

    I'm afraid not.They keep turning off the old light, can't get brighter if you don't have anything to add too

  • TheLoveDoctor

    excelent Idea, one could use some copied info from jwfact and or there sites that reason on the truth about the truth. I have most of the friends adresses, they need to know. I'll send myself whatever i send them in case someone is suspicious. I'v been only thinking through email but i think its to easily traced. this will take some time to put together a fine witness agaist the org. but if im gonna take the time I want some kind of effect. gonna go on vaca in 3 days so it will have to wait but I'm already excited.

  • MrMonroe

    Unfortunately 99.9 per cent of all JW recipients of such a card would take one look, think "Apsotate!" and discard it. They have zero interest in examining the truth of their religion because in their minds they have already ascertained that it IS the truth. And, importantly, their religion keeps telling them it's the truth. And what more do they need?

  • wobble

    I read a quote the other day, which, being an old fool, I can't remember verbatim, but it was about Cognitive Dissonance, and how immediately information that doesn't fit with what you want to believe goes in to a part of your "soul" as the writer called it.

    The point he was making was, that such information can surface at any time, and change your view, despite what you want to believe.

    So the more we pull tricks like the one you suggest Terry, the more likely it is that Dubs will awaken one day.

  • Terry

    A visual cue and innocent question might cause the viewer to at least ask themselves for an answer.

    All the door to door activity and hours and hours of books study and those butt-numbing sessions at Watchtower Studies all amounted to

    a very large pile of totally worthless crap!

    If they don't ask themselves WHY---they haven't got a mind left.

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