Someone Came Knocking Today...

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  • titch

    Well, an interesting thing happened today, here in Southern California. As I was sipping my morning coffee, I heard a distinct knocking on my door. The front door was closed, so I didn't open it. I looked through my kitchen window, to observe two female Witnesses on my front porch. I just sat down at my table to continue my coffee-drinking activities. But, what is interesting about this, is that this time, as with the most recent times that they have come to my front door, is they did not press the doorbell button. This happened the past few times that I was at home, and a couple of Witnesses came by. Just knocking---not pressing the doorbell button. I DO have a functioning doorbell. Is it a new edict now, don't press doorbell buttons to alert someone that they are there? A few years ago, when a couple of them came, the knock was so light and imperceptable, that if I had been in my back bedroom, I wouldn't have heard anyone knocking. (As mentioned by someone on this site before, could it be the "Invisible Presence Knock"? Well, maybe) Could it be that on that occasion, they really didn't WANT to have someone open the door and engage them in conversation. Hmmm, could be, could be. Just knock VERRRRRY lightly, so that no one inside will hear and open the door, and converse with you. But, what has me REALLY baffled is this...You know how many Witnesses are living with the mindset that there are angels---invisible spirit creatures---who are assisting them in the so-called Field Service. Well, if that is really true, then why did they come to my residence? Don't those invisible angels know that behind this door is a "fader"---a person who faded out of the organization in the late 80s? Don't they know that behind this door is a person who regularly logs onto, and reads THIS Website? (Ah, ah, ah, don't go to THAT door---there's a fader inside there, a person who looks at and reads JWN!) Hmmm, I guess not. Maybe those invisible angels didn't get the "inter-heaven" memo yet, regarding this residence. Well, just thought I'd mention it...


  • Scott77

    titch ,

    I think, this is a great post. Its like a field service report card. I know Moshe does sometimes the same. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm.., next time, they visit, please invite them in then use the opportunity to ask them about new generation thing, 1914 year, 1975 years, and Holy spirit if its guiding them or not. If its, why then their prophecies did not come true? Its just a sugestation.


  • lesabre

    last saturday JW's came to my door. my sis had spent the night and answered it. (i was in the shower) she said they knocked. i thought it was really weird too. my door bell lights up even. >.< i think more and more don't want people to answer. IMO, the leftover JW's are mostly just coasting.

  • darkuncle29

    they knock really soft on our door too, so soft it doesn't make the dog bark. I know only because my bedroom wall is next to the front door and I hear them. I don't answer, they're here to give my mom the mags. I think its funny she's someone's mag route.

  • blondie

    I am sure it is not an organizational wide edict. In this area people ring the doorbell first, and knock second. We have a working bell but we can't hear it in the downstairs. Of course, shadow knockers are in a different category.

  • moshe

    I saw a JW lady leave the doorstep of a house , due to their no soliciting sign. 30 years ago JWs would have ignored that sign.

  • Soldier77

    No, no organizational edict to NOT press the doorbell. In fact its quite the opposite. However, more and more are coasting through being a witness, most people hate knocking on doors.

    It's just more evidence that the R&F are calling BS in their heads and are just going through the motions because, you know, what if the GB are right and the big A IS right around the corner...

  • Nobleheart

    I live in a city where many people worked night shifts, so often in morning service we would knock lightly hoping we'd not wake people up and be told off. With good reason. Who wants to talk about religion when you've worked all night long and just getting back to sleep?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was at one of my jobs and it is a huge house so the lady I work for had her husband install a very loud doorbell there is no way you cannot hear it even in the backyard. I was upstairs cleaning and saw the JW's coming so I waited to see what would happen nothing no doorbell rang. When I left there was a tack in the door. Two older sisters were working together and they had this young teenager working by herself, I think the teenager got the house I was at.

    Also in my area the JW's have taken to work by themselves. Some of the last times I went out in service we worked by ourselves. The brother overseeing the car group said it was to cover more house because the end is so close but I truly think it is to not be put on the spot by the other JW when you cannot answer a question from the householder right. Where I live the JW just rip each other up and down for not knowing how to overcome questions that are thrown at you it is so stupid, I have been hurt and made to feel like scum so much for not being able to handle what was thrown at me.


  • snakeface

    When I used to go out in service in the morning, if it appeared that the householder might not be up yet - curtains still closed, no sounds coming from the house - I'd knock lightly so as not to wake them up. Just loud enough that they could hear it if they were in their living room. However, quite often this would backfire....I'd knock lightly and then I'd hear 4 or 5 large dogs inside going berserk, which would in turn get the next door neighbor's dogs barking too.

    Many witnesses I worked with wouldn't care if the householder was obviously still asleep. They'd pound on the door extra hard. Their reasoning was, "If your house was on fire, wouldn't you want your neighbor to wake you up? Well something worse than a house fire is coming," referring to Armageddon. I'd explain to them that their reasoning will only offend and antagonize the householder. It would be better to make a note of the address and return at a later time, such as Sunday afternoon after the meeting. I would always remind them that we come uninvited and therefore we need to be considerate.

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