I celebrated my birthday today for the first time!

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  • doublelife

    I didn't really have a party or anything, but people at work know that I'm no longer a jw and they got me a birthday cake. My birthday is not until the 28th, but my co-workers always celebrate anyone's b-day on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. I've been giddy all day over it, though every once in a while, I'll remember how disappointed in me my parents would be. That'll always make my b-days a bummer. But what I thought was interesting is that I went to my acting class after work and told my teacher about it. One of the other students heard me and asked if I used to be a seventh-day adventist. I said, "No, but close. Jehovah's Witness." JWs think they are so unique and that everyone knows them for not celebrating anything. But there are other religions out there just like them, and jw wasn't even the first thing that came to the other student's mind when he heard that I never celebrated before. Then, he was like, "Oh, that's right. They're the 'no party' religion." It really shows how small that religion is. And to think, I always used to think jws were the most important religion in the world.

  • GrandmaJones

    Happy Birthday!!

  • sabastious

    Gratz, it's a cool feeling. In the grand scheme of things celebrating or not celebrating our birthdays is minor. But individually, it really is a personal and satisfying victory.


  • wasblind

    Happy B-day

    and may this be the first of many more

  • leavingwt


  • meangirl

    Good for you and Happy Birthday!

  • GLTirebiter

    Happy birthday, and more of the same on the 28th!

  • whereami
  • jamiebowers

    I'm glad to hear you celebrated at work, and I hope your boyfriend does something special for you on your actual birthday. Your parents disappointment is misguided. The whole world should be celebrating the birth of a young woman as lovely as you are, my dear!

  • nugget

    Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity for people to show love and appreciation for others. Enjoy your first birthday and all the other birthdays to come.

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