In a nutshell, what is the wackiest jw thing?

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  • FayeDunaway
    I don't really agree with infant baptism, it's more for the parents, and old superstitions that if the baby dies young he would die a Christian. It's stupid, but at least it's not something the person will suffer for later...they are not going to lose their family (by mandate) by joining another religion, or sin and get disfellowshipped because they were already baptized. child witness baptism is actually much worse than infant baptism.
  • TheFadingAlbatros

    One of the wackiest jw thing : a HUGE MONEY VACUUM CLEANER under cover of religion !

  • yodastar
    Great post. I always thought it was wacky that after all the struggle etc. etc. to reach paradise we would have a thousands years to learn to be perfect , see all those dead people, restore the deserts to overflowing gardens and then oh no - here comes Satan again just to test us one last time. hahahahahahaha
  • yodastar

    Totally agree FayeDunaway with the child baptism one. I did this at 14 because my mates were! What did I know? Years later when realising that this was abuse and talking it over with an elder he did actually concede that in the story Jesus chose to do this at 30 when he was of sound mind and age. Yet they carry on forcing youngs ones by pressure to make a decision like this.

    Very cultish holmes...very cultish

  • yodastar

    Thought of some more wackies which have pissed me off

    Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, National Anthems, Voting.

    To be fair, I absolutely love doing them all now.


    Sofia and star make comments about youngsters getting baptized.

    Then whole JW baptism is another wacky thing to me. Nothing like a Catholic baptism which is at least scriptural.

    Really, you must study for a baptism?

    Really, you are NOT baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?

    But you're true Christians?


  • biometrics


    Millions now living will never die

  • jwleaks

    For me...

    1. Pyramidology

    2. 607 and 1914

    3. Beth-Sarim

    4. Prophecy interpretation via books such as "The Finished Mystery", "Revelation Climax", "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy!", "Isaiah's Prophecy - Light for all Mankind" (Vols 1 and 2)

    5. Anything written by Rutherford

  • Finkelstein

    The acceptance and belief in Pyramidology is got to be right up there, even when J Rutherford stated that god had chosen him and the WTS as a direct channel of communication out of all other Christian based organizations.

    From out of that wacko occult inspired dating ideology, the JWS organization was founded, along with another dating scheme accumulating to the specific year of 1914.

    But dont call them false religion, maybe a religion that had a publishing house operating at its core and doctrines were devised to support the sales of those publications.

    I'm sure Jesus wouldn't mind people creating a commercialized tainted Gospel and making up some false prophecies.


    ..WBT$ Instructions For Field Service,When Your At A Strangers Door..


    ...........SMILE WHEN YOU FART..

    ...THEN STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE................................*??!!..WTF??!!*


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