Newspaper article headings for 2016 April fools day??

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  • Fernando

    From a comment I made on another thread:

    If a newspaper could print anything they liked and disown it a day later...

    What if we all got to work on a worldwide "01 Apr 2016" media campaign today?

    What Watchtower related headings/stories would you like to run with?

  • Fernando

    " recants: Watchtower was right all along"

    Long time Australian dissident Paul Grundy has finally seen the light.

    This epiphany came about as a result of comparing Watchtower teachings and practices with those of Scientology.

    For Paul this was like comparing night with day...

  • OnTheWayOut

    I would hate to diss the Watchtower and have to "disown it a day later." In other words, I wouldn't want to retract something awful said about them. It would seem to feed their persecution complex. So such a thing would have to be really clever and highlight something they actually are part of.

    Something like this:

    "Watchtower Bankrupt Due to So Many Lawsuits over Handling of Pedophiles Within the Ranks."

    Next day: "Oops, sorry. Watchtower still has plenty of money after paying settlements to 'so many lawsuits over handling of pedophiles within their ranks. April Fools to you ex-JW's.'"

  • Fernando

    "The ancient worthies did in fact return in 1925"

    Few know that exactly as prophesied Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David did in fact return to reside on earth in 1925.

    "Beth Sarim" was secretly prepared for them.

    The house still exists, and is now occupied by their great grandchildren.

  • Fernando

    Great idea OTWO.

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