Ladies: were you often left to deal with the children at assemblies/meetings?

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  • sleepingbeauty

    This pictures great only in my situation you needed to add another few kids !!!

    In fact:

    • 1 x Newborn,
    • 1 x 2 year old
    • 1 x 4 year old
    • and finally a 6 year old !!!!!!

    I worked Full Time. Yet we went all the meetings regularily, rarely missing any of them and we NEVER had any help - NOT even from the inlaws who were in the same congregation !!! Call that christian love .. NO I DONT. Instead the congregation looked down their noses at me as though I was some incompetant retard who was this baby making machine !

    I remember one time when I was 5 months pregnant a sleazy brother (we named Dougie Fresh) thought it appropriate to tell me that he thought I was gaining a few lbs & that as he felt I was a good looking wench, it was in my interest to slim down a bit !!! Another time this brother said that had he been 20 years younger my then husband wouldnt have had a look in... The nerve !!! (This was whilst on the ministry and he was being very serious & wasnt joking or trying to be humorous ! )

  • chickpea

    the hub wasnt any sort of "privileged man"

    oblivious was more to the point... so while i
    wasnt actually "alone" with the kids, for all
    practical purposes, i was alone with the kids....

    at one point we had 4 kids, aged 8 YO to infant,
    2 in diapers and one breastfeeding..... THAT was
    the convention from hell from my standpoint...

    what the hell was i thinking subjecting those kids
    and myself to that lunacy.....

  • boyzone

    Oh I can relate BIGTIME chickpea! My hub was also oblivious. I was supposed to just be grateful he was there never mind daring to ask him for help.

    4 boys all giving me hell from wanting the loo every 5 minutes to throwing crayons down the aisles. What got me was, not the lack of help, but the disapproving looks from all the "Double income, no kids," couples that insisted on hogging the end seats on each row.

    Spiritual paradise? I don't think so. I would get home and weep with exhaustion knowing we had to endure the whole thing again the next day.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It wasn't just at the meetings. I can sort of understand on meeting nights he would come home swallow food and we would be out the door but for service and Sunday it was my job to get myself read and 2 kids while all he had to do was get himself ready. And we still had to wait for him. Or he would be sitting impatiently in the car honking the horn.

    Or after meetings I would have to deal with 2 small kids who were tired and cranky while he was downstairs with the elders

    And like Blondie said the most attention I got was when he was miserable about something or wanted a quicky and they were all quickies

  • mamalove

    Yes of course! I had the boobies afterall....yes it annoyed me. But at the same time, I liked the escape from the auditorium.

  • SlipnSlide

    It did not happen to me but I know a lot of sisters who got the raw end of the deal on many occasions. Just because you were female they had to do all of the things when "good brother so and so" had to take care of his responsibilities in the KH. They never got help and I always told myself that I would not get "stuck" with marrying a "brother" because my friends felt stuck with all of the responsibility.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Ashamedly, I did this. Numerous times. And to be honest, and I know I'm not alone in my reasons for doing this, but I saw it as a way to make the time go by quicker. Running around, doing this, that and the other things was such a welcome break from sitting in uncomfortable seats. She had the kids, whatever. I need to look important. Shameful.

    Strange how I would wonder at the end of the day why she was all upset with swollen feet. But I had my Sacred Service Blinders(tm) on so I thought I was doing important work, when in reality I was just being an insensitive tool.

    So all you ladies who had to suffer through this situation, I beg your forgiveness. Now I turn down assignments. It's tough enough that we have to go at all to these 85-hour religious seminars, but helping my wife manage children is more important than working in some pointless, glorified department run by some guy who wants to give a talk on the program.

    Again, I'm sorry, ladies.

  • dinah
    Blondie- the Witness religion, and probably they are like several others, gives the JW men the perfect excuse to act like Neanderthals.


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