PZ Myers mocks Latest Awake

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  • cofty

    Biologist and science blogger PZ Myers has commented on the upcoming Awake magazine in today's blog at Pharyngula.

    "Unfortunately, I was only able to read as far as the second sentence before I was blinded by the irony." - PZ

    A new group of atheists has arisen in society. Called the new atheists, they are not content to keep their views to themselves - Awake

    "That's right. The door-knockin', rabidly proselytizing cult is rebuking atheists for not keeping their views to themselves." - PZ

    The comments following his post are quality entertainment.

    Pharyngula is essential daily reading.

  • Essan

    Hypocrisy is the language of the Watchtower Society. You can't expect them to speak anything else.

  • SixofNine

    I was just about to post this.

    Be sure to read the comments section- very entertaining!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Priceless thanks for sharing!

  • cameo-d

    I read the article about the Polish scientist who grew up atheist. It seems he was later enlightened by some Jehovahs Witnesses. Now he believes in "God". He never acknowledged Jehovah as this god, nor does he claim in the article to be a JW. Isn't it a bit odd to find WT accepting of those who simply believe in "a god"?

    I have never seen atheists groups actually organize to picket church groups. Atheists may speak up in a way to educate others but I have not seen them attack with physical force people who are trying to go inside of churches. This is what is implied through the artwork in the magazine.

    Did you notice that the "preacher" in his ecclestical robes, silhouetted in white, has all the appearance of an angel, with the robe sleeves subliminally depicting wings? Does this give some indication that WT is accepting the ecclestical dress codes of worldly religions now as being legitimate?

    Do I see a subtle formation of interfaith beginning in the WT ranks? Will they bond with the worldly religions and unite to oppose the atheists of the world? Are they trying to create a division here by implying violent opposition and a need to bond with christians of all faith in order to have strength to oppose the new boggie-man?

  • purplesofa
  • whereami

    Thanks cofty

    That was a funny read especially the comments.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    The last time I had a JW around, I spoke to the 2 small kids with her. 'Don't listen to your mother's religious nonsense, she doesn't know what she's talking about", I said. She fled.

    Posted 6 September, by davem, on blog

  • loosie

    thats funny my friend were discussing on how athesists don't push other people to become atheists. but christians do. She said we should work the neighborhood. But I think that may not be a good idea in this here bible belt.

  • moshe

    Well, it seems that atheists or perhaps even non-Theists are a common threat to religions and a common enemy they can all bash with impunity.

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