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    Sorry to use that Jdub cliche' but it seems to fit. Last week I had opportunity to visit a nephew I had not seen in many years. He is a quiet young man, just 21 but knows who he is and stands up for what he believes. As a child he was close to my JW mother as she took an active interest in him. He spent most weekends with her and attended lots of meetings and got to know her JW friends. Circumstances changed and he moved out of state so has not seen Grandma for a long time but stilll cares for her deeply. I decided to be open with him that I was no longer JW and asked his feelings about the religion. He was quick to say 'I did some research and found I want nothing to do with them'

    I asked why, 'because they would not give their own child blood, even their own blood, even if the child was dying' We went on to have an indept conversation and he explained a clear understanding of JW misguilded beliefs. He now attends a Christian Church with youth activites he is active in. They offer help to the elderly and homeless along with sports and music.

    Long story short, he was kind of a 'lost boy' for a long time and I had heard he may have been studing with Jdubs so PHEW, that was a load off my mind. He is a thinking young man with a bright future and I hope to be closer to him in the coming years.

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    A happy story, thanks for posting.

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    SO nice to hear! What an intelligent and courageous young guy! It's great that he found his way to a youth group! Nice job on opening the door of communication to him. It must have given him some encouragement that he did the right thing!

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    Thats wonderful! Really pleased for you.

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