(How the governing body) talks to the rank and file!

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  • Hadit

    The way they talk to the R&F is the whole point. They don't want to encourage independence, self-esteem or maturity. If they encouraged any of that then they would have no members. They want to keep you down and feeling inadequate to take care of yourself and your own life.

    They stunt the natural progression of life by keeping people in a dependent childlike state. This causes all sorts of cognitive dissonance, mental and emotional distress and physical illness both chronic and acute.

    What they do is evil. It's a power trip of great proportions.

  • metatron

    MY GOD! Pick up any Kingdom Ministry and read it, if you dare!! Beware because you may start to feel your mind decaying into a "Dick and Jane At The Seashore" reasoning level! They address the congregation and the elders as if they're morons ( come to think of it, if they keep reading this junk, maybe they become morons!)

    Run Spot!, Run!


  • WingCommander

    Yeah, it really comes out in the Kingdom Ministry.

    Who can forget the following loving councel:

    1.) You are to be dressed up in formal wear even AFTER the district convention ends.

    2.) You are to be wearing your name tag at all times during, and AFTER the DC.

    3.) Don't go potty during the talks, save that for intermissions.

    4.) No roaming during assemblies or DC's.

    5.) Women, no looking at yourselves in mirror, we'll just put paper of those mirrors for ya......

    6.) No saving seats, jackass!

    7.) No large coolers please. We want you eating our crap (when we still served it - frozen pudding anyone?)

    8.) Follow the attendant's directions, no matter how fucking stupid the pimply-faced douchebag is.

    9.) No snooring during Bro Barber's talks!

    10.) Don't forget to buy our newly updated Neo-Pharasitical rule books, suckas!!!

    11.) You're not smart enough, good enough, or pretty enough, so by golly nobody out in the world likes you!! WE are your new spiritual family now!

    12.) I'm sure you can add to this list in infinity.......

    - Wing Commander

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    This is the Link to JT's criticle thinkers radio blog. In his 1st episode he talks about the truth about the truth and explains in depth how the WT uses circular reasons and loaded questions to get their specific message across.


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