my 6 year old walked straight past her grandma and auntie (jws)

by looloo 17 Replies latest jw experiences

  • looloo

    grandma has not seen her for 18 months and auntie 2 years ! i was in the town at the weekend just before i went to work , my little girl was walking a few feet ahead of me and i saw her auntie come out a shop followed by grandma and i thought "oh shit" "what have we got to talk about after all this time " but fortunatley they just walked past eachother oblivious , despite grandma being so close she could have patted her on the head ! i was relieved but afterwards i thought how sad it is that a grandma cant come to visit her own grandchild and didnt even notice her (they are my disfellowshipped hubbys family .) next day we went past a kingdom hall getting built while i was working , my workmate said " do you know they are all voluntry workers doing that , impressive eh " " oh yes, very impressive , its a shame they ignore their grandchildren though !" i said . i explained and gave a good "witness" i think , dont think he was impressed then !

  • journey-on

    That grandmother will one day regret it, and will probably agonize over what she lost. Have faith. Believe it.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    That's true. As people age and begin to go over their life's events, they tend to come across regrets, as well. It'll happen.

  • PSacramento

    Is there anything worse in life than to not have love in our hearts?

    Pity them looloo, they are lost and their heart is dark and without love and those without Love do not have God in them.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    They will end their lives in agony, despair and regret.

  • journey-on
    They will end their lives in agony, despair and regret

    I believe this to be true. Some of these older folks have lived decades expecting Armageddon and the New System to come before they see death.

    When they are lying on their deathbed, their wasted life served for an organization of men, will flash before their eyes and the despair and heartache will engulf them and they will KNOW then that they committed a grave error and spit on the blessing of family...all because a religion/publishing house/real estate investment company interpreted one or two scriptures in such a way that it made them think throwing their family away is what God wanted. If they do stand before a greater judge in the end, I feel relatively certain he will tell them he doesn't know them.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    all I can think to say is...


  • moshe

    This just the kind of first person story that needs to be sent to the newspapers- just embarrass JW's into dropping their shunning of families.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    What a strange little sect these people belong to. Funny how a bunch of made up rules from the crazy old guys in NY ruin every aspect of a JW's life.

  • flipper

    LooLoo- How sad and horrific that this mind control cult inspires people to treat family this way. I'm so sorry for your little girl to miss out on what should be normal family relationships. But with an aunt & Grandma like that - it's better for your daughter to not be round the poisonous people. The aunt & grandma will live to regret it- but it will be too late. I hope you have a support system of friends or other family outside of your JW relatives that your daughter can be close to as well. Hang in there, sorry this boorish behavior happened by your mind controlled relatives

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